Digital Leaders

Digital Leader Selection

During the first half term, children were able to apply to be digital leaders by filling in an application form outlining why they thought they would make successful digital leaders. 

Congratulations to those who were selected!

Year 1 - Imogen and Elliot

Year 2 - Lauren and Jacob

Year 3 - Francesca and Noah

Year 4 - Keeley and Harry

Year 5 - Claudia and Ellis

Year 6 - Millie and Nathaniel


Tuesday 7th January 2020

During our meeting today, the digital leaders were very busy working together to create step by step guides to be put on display in the ICT suite. They produced a variety of guides for processes such as printing, saving into the shared drive, opening documents from a variety of locations and shutting down the computers appropriately. Once they were happy with their instructions, they spent some time making them eye catching so that children using the ICT suite would notice them and so that they would be clear to read. These will be finished over the next week and put on display to support children within their Computing lessons to carry out such processes independently.  


Thursday 28th November 2019

Today, the digital leaders received their basic training! Mrs Bailey showed the leaders a variety of different basic computer skills. Then, they had a go independently on the computers. The older leaders worked with a younger partner to help to teach them how to carry out the different processes correctly. It was so lovely to see the older children sharing their expertise and being so supportive and helpful.

We also talked about using the hybrids correctly, including how to handle them safely and how to put them on charge properly. Some of the leaders said that they had had problems in their class with other children not shutting down the hybrids properly so we talked about the correct way of doing so.

The digital leaders left the meeting feeling eager to share what they had learnt with their classes over the next week.

During our next meeting, the digital leaders will be producing step by step guides for the processes/skills that were covered in the training today to be displayed in the ICT suite to help everybody during their Computing lessons.



Thursday 7th November  

During our meeting today, we discussed the skills and processes that the digital leaders would like to learn during their training in a couple of weeks. They thought really carefully about what they wanted to learn to make sure that would learn everything that they needed to feel fully equipped to carry out their role successfully and support the other children in their class. Some of the leaders expressed a desire to pass on what they learn during their training to their class.

Next, we discussed what we would like to do as our first project as digital leaders. Harry pointed out how some of the basic skills and processes that they would be learning in training had a lot of steps involved and children could easily forget them. It was decided that as a group, we would produce step by step guides for key processes such as saving and printing which will be put on display in the ICT suite where children can access them for support during their lessons.

Some children were eager to set up a competition so it was decided that they would think of ideas ready to discuss at the next meeting.


Our first meeting - Thursday 24th October

It was lovely to get all the digital leaders together for the first time. After they had introduced themselves, they discussed as a group what they felt their responsibilities would be as digital leaders. This was recorded and copied onto a poster for the ICT suite. It was decided that this would be updated throughout the year as different challenges and tasks arose. As a group, they also decided that they would like to have an app or website of the month which would be updated regularly so each child agreed that they would bring a suggestion to the next meeting. 

The children were keen to get started with their roles and they began discussing what they would like to do over the next half term. A date for the next meeting was set and it was decided that this meeting would take the the form of a training session which would involve learning the skills they needed to be able to be successful in their roles. 



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