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Artwork Autumn Term 2019

EYFS have been drawing themselves using black pens and trying to include lots of details. 

Year 1 used printing tiles to draw their own owl design before printing their picture. They also used their printing tiles to create the background for their display.

Year 3 have used star colours to create a desert sky with ancient pyramids in the foreground.

Year 4 looked at Picasso’s faces. They drew self portrait using his twisted modern style.

In Year 5 pupils have been following Michael Craig-Martin’s technique of hiding letters beneath a picture.

Year 6 pupils have sponged a skyscraper and used ink to create the silhouette. 



Study of Guiseppe Arcimbolo - Year 2 - Autumn 2019

In art we have been studying Giuseppe Arcimboldo. He created portraits using fruit and vegetables then painted them. We had a go at making our own face out of fruit then drew and used pastel to create large face pictures. Arcimboldo also made a self-portrait out of paper so we tried that too.


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