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Pupil Voice February 2020

Miss Robinson spoke to groups of children from each year group about their learning in PE from the autumn term. All of the children were eager to share what they had been doing during their PE lessons, opportunities to be active at lunchtimes as well as activities that they do outside of the school day.

Below are some comments from the children and their PE lessons and learning.

What normally happens in a PE lesson?

‘We start with warm ups like shoulder rolls.’ Year 1

‘We work with a partner and then in bigger groups.’ Year 5

‘We practise drills in the sport and after go into matches.’ Year 6


How do you know if you are getting better?

‘I could hit the ball – I hadn’t before.’ Year 1

‘I wasn’t good at the start but then I got better.’ Year 1

‘If you do it more often then you get better.’ Year 1

‘By learning – sometimes if you believe in yourself.’ Year 2

‘See when you are doing it right (what it looks like).’ Year 2

‘Getting a ‘well done’.’ Year3

‘Doing harder things.’ Year 3

‘Getting a better score by improving.’ Year 3

‘Understanding the rules.’ Year 4

‘Score more goals.’ Year 5

‘Start to use correct rules and technique (throw in).’ Year 5

‘The teacher tells you.’ Year 6

‘Find it easier each time.’ Year 6

‘Beating a target/score.’ Year 6


What do you like best about PE?

*It’s fun.                             *Helps me get more energy.                 *Enjoying it.

*Makes you get better at competitions.                                          *Improving.

*Get healthier.                  *You try different sports and get better.

*Try new things.                *Getting fitter.                                        *Heart pumping.


Here are all the activities that the children said that they did in the Autumn term.

*Bounce and catch        *Practising a dance         *Running                 *Circus skills

*Basketball                  *Dodgeball                       *Netball                 *Gymnastics

*Tag rugby                   *Ladders (Speed, Agility skills)                     *Bench ball

*Football                      *Hockey                                                         *Fitness


At lunchtimes we do lots of physical activities including:

*Skipping                                   *Playing on the A-frame            *Playing on the fort

*Hula hoops                               *Rudolph run                              *Basketball

*Throwing and catching              *Games like tag                        *Javelin       

*Field run                                   *Long jump

*Headers                                   *Play leaders – organise games


These are some of the activities that Excalibur children do outside of the school day:

*Tennis                            *Football                         *Basketball             *Boxing

*Swimming                       *Hockey                          *Gymnastics           *Karate

*Biking                             *Dance                            *Rounders

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