‘Nurturing Individual Excellence’

Educational Visits

Standon Bowers - Year 4 - 5th and 6th March 2020

Year 4 spent two days at Standon Bowers Outdoor Education Centre accompanied by Miss Bass, Miss Bell, Mrs Bundy, and Mr Hancock. During the trip we were able to try new activities including caving, climbing low ropes and  building a shelter. All the staff were so proud to accompany the group who tried their very best in all the activities. Well done to everybody!

Thank you to all the staff at Standon Bowers and many thanks to all the adults who gave up their time to make the trip possible.
"I have enjoyed the fun activities and the caving." - Isaac
"I've enjoyed everything but mostly going through the black hole when we went caving." - Sammy
"I have enjoyed everything, especially the caving!" - Ellie


Lowry Theatre - Gruffalo - 9th January 2020

On Thursday 9th January, our Reception children enjoyed a fabulous trip to the Lowry Theatre in Manchester where they watched “The Gruffalo’s Child”. The children were absolutely mesmerized by the singing, dancing and acting.

“I liked the Gruffalo’s child. Her face was really good when she was scared.” Inaaya.

“I liked the fox. He had a funny voice and sang a really good song.” Emma

“I liked it when they were running around and throwing snowballs at each other.” Tobi



Englesea Brook - Year 6 - 29th November 2019

On Friday 29th November, Year 6 visited Englesea Brook Chapel & Museum to take part in a science-themed day at the Victorian building. During the day, they took part in a variety of STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) activities which will serve as starting off points for many science topics during this year. In particular, they observed the wonders of light by being shown a story on a traditional ligthbox and made their own prints using a pre-20th century Atlas printing press. They also listened to early 20th century gramophones and discussed the method by which the sound was transferred and amplified. After lunch on the chapel pews, Reverend Hatcher, in role as Methodist Hugh Bourne, talked us through the anatomy of the human body and the wonders and horrors of gas.

As usual, everyone at Englesea Brook was wonderful - many thanks to all of them for making the day possible.


Reaseheath - Year 1 - 22nd October 2019

Year One thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Reaseheath.  The children found out about different animal groups and loved meeting some real owls.  The Reaseheath rangers were really impressed by how much the children knew about carnivores, omnivores  and herbivores.  The children asked really interesting questions.  We also enjoyed a woodland walk observing seasonal changes and classifying  leaves and fruits from different trees.

“When the owl’s eyes are orangey that means they hunt at dusk and dawn... if they’re black they hunt at night.” - Harriet

“I liked the turtle with the long neck” -Teal

“My favourite was the kookaburra... it kept laughing!” -Charlie


BET 365 Year 2 - 7th OCTOBER 2019

On Monday 7th October, Year 2 visited Stoke City's Bet 365 stadium to support their learning about Sir Stanley Matthews. During the morning, the children undertook a tour of the stadium including behind the scenes areas such as the away and home changing rooms. They even got to walk out into the stadium through the doors the players use on match day. In the Sir Stanley Matthews suite, they learned more about the man himself 'The Wizard of Dribble'. After lunch, the children worked with Stoke City's community coaches to practise their football skills. Throughout the day the children were praised by Stoke City staff for their positive attitude and sensible behaviour. Well done, Year 2!


It was good. We learnt about Sir Stanley Matthews.” Sam

Year 1 Spaceport - 20th March 2019

On Wednesday 20th March, our Year 1 children took a trip to Wallasey to visit Spaceport. Whilst there, the children learned more about space through hands on activities. They found out about life on other planets and watched a film in the planetarium. They were even able to blast their own rockets into the air. Everyone had a fabulous time and the children behaved brilliantly. Miss Robinson was very proud of them. 

There is a gallery of photos on http://www.excalibur.cheshire.sch.uk/work/spaceport/46229


Year 2 Ford Green Hall - 19th March 2019

On Tuesday 19th March, Year 2 visited Ford Green Hall in Stoke on Trent. Lisa was there to greet the children and give them a tour of the house. She drew the children’s attention to the wattle and daub exterior, jetties and a small front door with no letter box. Inside the house, the children were fascinated by the four poster bed with a bedpan underneath and a bed which up to eight children would have slept in. The children were even fortunate enough to meet Samuel Pepys in one of the rooms. The staff at Ford Green Hall were impressed with the children's knowledge and the way they conducted themselves around the hall. Well done to Year 2.


Year 4 Standon Bowers - 14th and 15th March 2019

Year 4 spent two days at Standon Bowers accompanied by Miss Taylor, Mrs Woodcock, Mrs Bundy and Mrs Bailey. They tried lots of exciting activities including caving, climbing, low ropes and building campfires. On their return, they were full of tales about their adventures. What a great opportunity for them. Thank you to the staff who agreed to accompany the children.



Year 6 National Media Museum - 21st January 2019

On Monday 21st January 2019, Year 6 visited the National Media Museum in Bradford as part of their exploration of their new topic: Lights, Camera, Action. During the visit, the children took part in a stop-motion animation workshop, lead by professional animator, Adam. Using plasticine, the children learnt several techniques of animation, before embarking upon a 30 minute session of creating their own original animation. The videos for these can be found on the Year 6 class webpage.

After lunch, the children explored the Wonderlab, an interactive science exhibit with more than a dozen experiments based on light and sound. The children were challenged to discover the secrets of the Wonderlab, before reporting back to the rest of the class at the end of the session.

Before boarding the coach for the journey home, Year 6 toured three exhibits: the Birth of Photography, the Power of TV and Action Replay, a temporary exhibit detailing the history of technology in sports coverage.

Many thanks to the National Media Museum for the hospitality and fantastic activities during our visit. And many thanks to all of the adults who gave up their time to make the trip possible.



West Park Museum - 25th October 2018

To enhance their learning about ancient Egypt, our Year 4 children visited West Park museum this week. They had the opportunity to explore Egyptian artefacts, learn about the life and beliefs of the ancient Egyptian people and make some papyrus. The children were a credit to the school, asking interesting and thoughtful questions and being respectful around the museum. Fantastic work, Year 4.


Chester Visit - 24th October 2018

On Wednesday 24th October, our Year 3 children visited Chester to enrich their study of The Romans. Whilst they were there, they walked the Roman walls and learnt all about the life of a Roman soldier. Once they had marched the streets of Chester to the chant of “Sin,dec”, the children took their learning into the museum, exploring a range of Roman artefacts. All staff accompanying the children reported that the behaviour of the children was exemplary; they were impressed with the questions that the children asked and their excellent attitude to their learning. A big thank you to Year 3 for representing our school so well and to all staff who accompanied the children.


Stoke City Stadium Tour - Thursday 4th October 2018

Year 2 visited the Bet365 stadium, the home of Stoke City football club. Aron, the tour guide, showed the children around the stadium including behind the scenes areas of the stadium. The children were surprised at how basic the away team's changing room was compared to the well equipped and comfortable home team changing room. Year 2 learned about looking after the pitch and even got to sit in the manager's seat. After a short break we learned about the local legend Sir Stanley Matthews. He played in over 700 matches for stoke City, Blackpool and for England, and in all that time never received a yellow card. What an inspiration!


Blist Hill - 11th June 2018

Year 4 visited Blists Hill to enhance their Victorian topic. They had a Victorian school experience which meant no slouching! They were fully immersed into life in Victorian England – they even exchanged modern money for Victorian currency to spend in the confectioners, bakery and candle makers.


“I enjoyed using Victorian money to buy sweets at the shop.” Millie

“I enjoyed seeing how the candles were made – can’t believe that was one of the good jobs!” Finn

“I found it really interesting talking to the bank manager about coins and buying a gingerbread man.” Sophia

All staff at Blists Hill and the public commented on the good manners and the way our children travelled around the town. Well done Y4!

Stockley Farm - 16th May 2018

Mrs Rogers and Mrs Cheadle reported that it was a pleasure to take the reception children to visit Stockley farm last Wednesday. The children loved going on a tractor trailer ride, feeding the pigs and kids, brushing the pony and meeting the small pets. They also enjoyed visiting the reptile house (which is new to the farm). The children were not sure that they enjoyed the smell of the farm! However, the ice-cream was a welcome treat at the end of the visit.


Viking Workshop - 25th April 2018

Year 3 had a wonderful ‘sparkling start’ to their topic last Wednesday when we were invaded by a Viking warrior! They had a great day learning all about Viking life and the topic was really brought to life through this experience. Thank you for supplying costumes for the children – it helped the day feel even more authentic!


Reception Runway Visit - 15th February 2018

The Reception children thoroughly enjoyed their visit to the Runway Visitors Park. They all had chance to sit at the flight deck and pretend to be the Captain. They found out about the different jobs airport staff do. They watched as planes took off or came into land. The children loved lunchtime and the chance to enjoy their packed lunch. A great day was had by all. The children were a credit to the school and their families.

National Media Museum - 22nd January 2018

On Monday 22nd January, Year 6 visited the National Media Museum in Bradford as part of their “Lights, Camera, Action” topic. On arrival, the children entered the awe-inspiring Wonderlab, a hands-on science exhibit about light and sound. Experiments in the Wonderlab included a mirror maze, an echo sound tunnel, a voice synthesising machine, an ultra-violet room, a heat detector and a large projecting globe which displayed planets and moons from across the solar system.

Afterwards, the children visited three of the museum’s galleries. First of all, they viewed the Kodak Gallery, which displayed the history of photography and moviemaking through a large variety of exhibits, including an old cinematograph made by the Lumiere Brothers. The children also saw how handheld cameras became affordable for everyone, and saw many examples of Kodak’s early cameras.

Next was the animation gallery, including original models from British TV shows such as Wallace & Gromit, the Wombles, Gordon the Gopher, Thunderbirds, and Zippy & George. In addition, the displays showcased a wide array of animation techniques, including multi-pane animation and stop-motion.

To finish the morning, they visited the TV gallery, where they were treated to a journey through the history of television, from the foundation of the BBC in 1922, through iconic TV moments, such as the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II through to modern day.

After lunch, we were collected by our guide and led to Dawn, a professional animator, who was going to lead us through an animation workshop. Following further explanation of some of the animation gallery’s most interesting exhibits, we were led to Action Zone 2, a classroom in another part of the museum, for our workshop to begin. During the workshop, the children were challenged with creating a story using stop-motion animation on an Apple iMac software called iStop-Motion. Using plasticine, the children had their model balls roll across the screen before melting into a puddle. From there, a plant grew, which was then smelt by a plasticine figure that was then absorbed into the plant. A toy model was then introduced.

The stop-motion was a time-consuming process, with the children working solidly for nearly an hour and a half to produce some fantastic animations - they will soon be emailed to school.

All of the children behaved wonderfully, showing enthusiasm throughout and asking pertinent questions to further their understanding of what was being learnt. Many thanks to all school staff and volunteers who assisted with the event and many thanks to the National Media Museum and their staff for providing such an engaging experience for us all.


Englesea Brook - Year 5 - 13th November 2017

On Monday 13th November, Year 6 visited Englesea Brook Chapel & Museum to take part in a variety of science-based sessions within the historic building. The day began with a formal role-play of what Sunday schools were like in the Victorian time period; this involved the children donning Victorian-era costumes and attending Miss Fell’s class in arithmetic and reading. During the session, they were asked to write on old-fashioned slate.

We were then joined by Reverend Hatcher in role-play as Hugh Bourne: a pioneer of science for all. Hugh Bourne was a preacher at Englesea Brook Chapel and took a keen interest in science; he used this enthusiasm to teach the children of his congregation about various scientific concepts and ideas. We were given a tour of the chapel, including the gallery, where we discussed the way in which the building had been built and extended since 1828.

Next up, we split into two groups and took part in two activities. The first of which involved the children identifying herbs in ten different bags and writing the answers down. Two groups even got them all right! We then went into the cottage to receive a lesson from Hugh Bourne in the functions of a steam engine. The children were then played a song from a 1930s gramophone.

After lunch, we were told three stories using the Victorian-era magic lantern, a great example of the wonders of light. The children also got the opportunity to use an Atlas Printing Press, one of the UK’s only four still in working condition. Before we left, we looked at the science behind water pressure by using a piece of paper to hold water in an upturned cup and observed how light travels faster than sound using Victorian-era musical instruments.

Many thanks to Mrs. Bundy, Mrs. Bain, Mrs. Townson and Mrs. Pointon for joining us on the trip and thanks to the staff at Englesea Brook for running such a fascinating and insightful exploration into science and technology in the Victorian times.


Egyptian Adventure - Year 4 - 6th November 2017

Year 4 recently travelled to Macclesfield to immerse themselves in Ancient Egypt; studying artefacts and making papyrus. The hands on sessions helped the pupils to learn even more about this fascinating period of history. The children were superb and Miss Taylor was impressed with the class – thank you Year 4.


Visit to Chester - Year 3 - 19th October 2017

Year 3 visited Chester to enrich their study of The Romans. They walked the Roman walls and learnt all about being a Roman soldier. They were very lucky with the weather and managed to do all their outdoor learning in the morning before the rain started; completing an indoor session with artefacts in the afternoon. Mrs Bailey was thrilled when the staff at the museum (and the Roman soldier) commented that our children were excellent in their behaviour, knowledge and attitude to learning. The DEWA experience staff were so impressed that they said that our Year 3 were welcome back every day and were an absolute pleasure to work with. Thank you, Year 3, for representing our school so well – we are proud!




Welly Walk - 18th October 2017

Today  we took the Reception class children on a short walk along Merelake Way, the salt line, as far as the Roman bridge. We used our senses to look, listen and touch as we walked along. We collected interesting leaves, seeds, small twigs etc that we have brought back to school to use. See our photo's on our gallery http://www.excalibur.cheshire.sch.uk/work/welly-walk---wednesday-18th-october-2017/30383 or comment on our blog http://www.excalibur.cheshire.sch.uk/blog/welly-walk---reception---18th-october-2017/22872.

Governor Blog http://www.excalibur.cheshire.sch.uk/blog/welly-walk---18th-october-2017/23456


Woodcocks Well School and Congleton Museum - 4th October 2017

Our Year 5 class were evacuated to Woodcock’s Well school and Congleton museum last week where they took part in a range of activities to support their study of World War Two. The pupils even ‘enjoyed’ a wartime lunch and sang songs in the air raid shelter. The children looked fabulous - thank you for providing their costumes – it helped the day to feel even more authentic. Miss McArdle was pleased with the way the children conducted themselves – well done Year 5!


Reaseheath Visit - 29th September 2017

Year 1 visited Reaseheath College to support their topic work on seasonal changes in the environment. They met lots of interesting animals and on their return were keen to tell us all about their learning; explaining terms such as ‘nocturnal’ and ‘mammals’. Miss Robinson was very pleased with the knowledge, questions and interest from the children and they has a great day!




More photographs of the visit - http://www.excalibur.cheshire.sch.uk/work/reaseh/29665

Laches Wood Residential Visit - 20th September 2017

Year 6 enjoyed 3 days at Laches Wood outdoor education centre last week. The children excelled – many of them faced their worries and overcame fears – congratulations Year 6.

The children took part in a range of activities including: climbing, canoeing, bushcraft, high ropes, orienteering and camp fires to name a few.

Many thanks to Miss Taylor, Mr Hancock and Mrs Tomkinson for giving up their time away from their families to accompany the children.


St Mary's Church Visit - 17th July 2017

Y1 took a visit to St.Mary’s this week. They asked lots of questions and learnt about Christian symbols. They found out about baptism and searched for symbols around the church. Miss Robinson was very proud how sensible the children were.


Tatton Park - Year 4 - 6th June 2017

Year 4 went back in time at Tatton Park and became servants at the ‘big house’ for the day. They scrubbed the floors, worked in the kitchen and gained first-hand experience of life in Victorian times. This is what they thought:

My favourite part was when we scrubbed the floors because it was fun and made me feel like a real Victorian – Izzy

My favourite part at Tatton Park was looking at the big mansion because all of the rooms were really posh and pretty – Hattie

I enjoyed making the scones because we got to put in all the ingredients – Tyler

I enjoyed polishing the spoons and knives and teapot because it’s really surprising how clean and shiny you can get them – Morgan

I enjoyed everything because it was fun and what I enjoyed the most was making the scones because at the end of the day I ate one and they were the best scones ever. - Finlay


Wesley Place Visit - Year 5 - 24th March 2017

Year 5 walked to Wesley Place on Friday 24th March 2017 to take part in a series of activities exploring the Easter story. The children participated well and learnt a lot.


Ford Green Hall - Year 2 - 27th March 2017

On Monday all the Year 2 children went to Ford Green Hall in Stoke on Trent. We were very lucky to spend the whole day in a house that is nearly 400 years old. We met a Samuel Pepys character who told us about his experiences during the Great Fire of London.

In the afternoon, we handled artefacts and learned about their uses. No-one guessed the watering can. The staff at Ford Green Hall commented on how well the children listened. Mrs Weatherby


Standon Bowers - Year 4 - 21st and 22nd March 2017

Y4 spent 2 days at Standon Bowers on an outdoor education visit. They enjoyed lots of exciting activities which promoted teamwork and personal challenge. The children were a credit to the school. Thank you to all staff who gave up their own time to accompany the children: Mrs Tomkinson, Mrs Bundy, Miss Taylor and Miss Rigby.


Spaceport - Year 1 - 7th March 2017

Year 1 had a fantastic trip to Spaceport on Tuesday. They enjoyed finding out about life as an astronaut and learning more about the different planets. The Space Dome experience allowed the children find out about scientists’ investigations into whether there is life on other planets. Exploring the hands on exhibits really brought their learning to life. I was very proud of all of the children. Miss Robinson

My favourite part was zooming in the rocket.

We watched a big video on the roof.

I want to go again because it was very, very fun.



Weaver Hall Museum - Year 5 - 6th March 2017

Year 5 enjoyed a fantastic trip to Weaver Hall Museum where they learnt about life during the Stone to Iron Age. The children were very well behaved and listened with interest. They handled really old artefacts with care. Everyone had a go at making a Stone-Age pot from clay using methods that the Stone-Age people would have used. It was a great day for all. Miss McArdle

This is what our children thought:

It was epic!

It was the best trip

We learnt so much.

Making the stone-age pots was brilliant.



Oliver Performance - Alsager School - Wednesday 1st March 2017

Our Year 6 class joined the cast of pupils from Alsager School for their annual production of Oliver! It was a great success and everyone who was lucky enough to attend thought it was brilliant! Well done to everyone involved. As usual, it was also very special seeing so many ex-Excalibur pupils perform with such confidence.


Yellow Brick Road Workshos - 20th January 2017

Year 2 and Year 3 enjoyed ‘sparkling starts’ to their spring term topics by taking part in fun drama workshops. Year 2 learnt about The Great Fire of London and Year 3 had an introduction to life in Anglo-Saxon Britain. The children and staff thoroughly enjoyed these sessions which provided an inspirational platform for more learning!


Alsager School Christmas Concert - Year 6 - 16th December

Year 6 visited Alsager High school on Friday 16th December to watch their carol concert. The concert was excellent and it was particularly great to see so many of our ex-Excalibur pupils shine during the concert.


St Mary's Church - Reception Class - 15th December

The Reception class visited St Mary's church this afternoon led by Mrs Ling, Mrs Thompson and Miss Kirby. The visit was around Baptism and they created their own role play activity. The governor blog for the activity can be seen by following the link http://www.excalibur.cheshire.sch.uk/blog/reception-visit-to-st-marys-church---15th-december-2016/15454.

Mrs Ling said how sensible they all were and how much they enjoyed looking inside the church.  Many thanks again to all of the parents and carers who were able to help them walk safely to the church and back.




West Park Museum - 7th November

Year 4 travelled over to Macclesfield to West Park museum where they enjoyed an Ancient Egyptian workshop; they handled real artefacts and made papyrus. The staff from the museum running the workshop thought that our children were incredibly well informed and had great knowledge of the period, as well as asking super questions and showing exemplary behaviour. Well done Y4!


Woodcocks' Well Primary School and Congleton Museum - 2nd November

Year 5 left us to be evacuated to Woodcocks' Well Primary School on Wednesday. They made very realistic evacuees with superb costumes. They had a great day with lots of learning about this key time in our history. The day ended with a rousing wartime sing-song in an air-raid shelter.



Welly Walk - Reception - 20th October

Reception took a ‘welly walk’ around our locality on Thursday; observing seasonal changes in their local environment. They even found a fairy door!



Link to Governor Blog - http://www.excalibur.cheshire.sch.uk/blog/reception-welly-walk---thursday-20th-october-2016/13812


Chester - Year 3 - 20th October

The year 3 children walked in the shoes of Roman soldiers yesterday; taking part in the DEWA experience in Chester. The topic was really brought to life for them and they had a great adventure.





Alsager School - Year 6 - 17th and 19th October

Y6 have visited Alsager school twice this week. On Monday, they took part in a drumming workshop in the music department and on Wednesday they had an inspirational launch to the enterprise project where they heard about the skills needed to be young entrepreneurs.


Reaseheath College - Year 1 - 27th September

On Tuesday, Year 1 had a very busy and exciting day at Reaseheath College. They started the day by visiting the zoo where they thoroughly enjoyed learning about all the different animals. Then they went on a nature walk where they explored the woodland and discovered some habitats of nocturnal animals. The day finished with tasting different types of apples, making some apple juice and then tasting it. Miss Robinson was extremely proud of Year 1 and was very impressed with the knowledge that they shared. 

We made some apple juice and drank it. It was yummy! - Maisie Lou

I liked seeing the porcupines because I liked seeing their long spikes. - Aden

I saw some meerkats and they looked funny. - Jacob C




Laches Wood - Year 6 - 19th September 2016

Year 6 enjoyed a fantastic 3 day adventure at Laches Wood, where they got to try lots of new, exciting activities which were all designed to encourage team work, resilience and positive personal challenge. Staff reported that the children were brilliant and really excelled – the staffs at the centre were equally impressed by our pupils too. Well done! We must say a huge thank you to Mr Hancock, Mrs Tomkinson and Mrs Bundy who accompanied the class – without their dedication such visits would not go ahead.




New Brighton - Year 2 - 7th July 2016

Year 2 took a trip to New Brighton as part of their topic work on Thursday 7th July. I’m told they made some amazing sand sculptures and were fantastic company. Well done.



St Mary's Visit - Year 1 - 6th July 2016

Y1 took a walk down to St.Mary’s on Wednesday 7th July  to support their learning in RE. Miss Robinson was extremely proud of the children’s behaviour and the really great questions they asked.



Blue Planet - Year 1 - 19th May 2016

Year 1 enjoyed a fabulous day at the Blue Planet Aquarium last week to enhance their Under the Sea topic. The children were brilliant and here’s what they thought:

“I liked going through the tunnel seeing all the fishes and sea creatures in the big tank.” Jake

“I liked feeling the starfish. It felt rough.” Ellie




Taiki Drumming - Year 6 - 11th May 2016

Year 6 enjoyed an afternoon of drumming at Alsager High on Wednesday 11th May. They enjoyed designing their own (very noisy) performance!



Standon Bowers - Year 4 - 12th and 13th April 2016

Y4 returned from their Standon Bowers residential trip full of tales of ‘epic’ activities. The staff who accompanied the children were very proud of the way the children tackled the activities. With great gusto, the children demonstrated organisational skills, determination, resilience and an all-round brilliant attitude. Thank you children!


Also, a big thank you to the staff who accompanied them on this overnight stay.





Ford Green Hall - Reception Class - Friday 4th March 2016

Our Reception class had a fairytale day at Ford Green Hall on Friday 4th March. The children were wonderful and Mrs Ling reported that a magical time was had by all.




Imperial War Museum Manchester - Year 6 - 9th February 2016

As part of their First World War topic this term, Year 6 visited the Imperial War Museum in Manchester where they followed the The Timeline, the main layout of the exhibition which charts the first world war and beyond. They also took part in a first world war workshop.




Manchester Museum - Year 4 - Monday 25th January

As part of their Ancient Egyptian topic, Year 4 visited Manchester Museum where they got to study real sarcophagus. They returned to school buzzing:

“My favourite part was when I got to see some real Egyptian artefacts.”  Louis

“What I liked best was seeing a real mummy.” Izzy

“My favourite part was looking at the Egyptian things and using an ipad to take photos.” Emily

“I enjoyed building the pyramid; we did it in 1:59 which got us on the leader board!” Eva




African Drumming with Year 5 - Wednesday 18th November

Our Year 5 children went to Alsager School this afternoon and were taught African Samba Drumming techniques by Mr Galley.




Chester - Year 3 - 17th November 2015

The children in year 3 enjoyed and educational visit to Chester on Tuesday 17th November to further their learning on this terms topic, The Romans. In the morning they visited the Dewa Museum and looked at Roman armour, the medicines that they used and the food that they ate. They then learnt about archaeological diggs and then took part in digging up their own artifact.

In the afternoon they went on a Roman Soldier patrol with a real Roman Soldier who told them about his life as a soldier.




Reaseheath College - Year 1 - 9th November 2015

Year 1 visited Reaseheath College on Monday. We looked at lots of different animals in the zoo and learnt about which group of animals they belonged to. We also learnt about how nocturnal animals are different to animals that sleep at night. In the afternoon we went to the orchard to pick apples to taste and make apple juice from.

We had lots of fun!!

A gallery of photographs can be seen by following the link below.


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