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First Aid Week 2021

First Aid is an important skill for everyone, children and adults alike to learn. At Excalibur, first aid is taught in each year group at an age appropriate level. This ensures that, by the time children leave the school at the end of Year 6, they are empowered to act to support others in the case of a first aid incident and to contribute positively to their community.

Please see below for a document detailing the first aid content covered in each year group.

Please return here during week commencing 8th November for photographs of our First Aid Week.

Year 1

Year 1 played a "What is First Aid?" game and found out how to make an emergency call. The children were challenged to go home and learn their own address in case they ever had to make an emergency call.

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Year 6

During First Aid Week, Year 6 learnt about what to do when needing to deal with a casualty, including checking for dangers and monitoring the response of a casualty. They also practised CPR using training manikins.

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Year 4

For First Aid Week, Year 4 have focused on bites and stings, head injuries, calling for help, asthma and bleeding. We used our brilliant drama skills to act out scenarios and discussed as a class how we would deal with these situations.


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