Friday 26th February 2021

Good morning!

It's that time of the week already!  Hasn't it flown.  You've all done an amazing job this week.  Keep up with the super work x


EMA (15 minutes)

Please follow the link to My Mini Maths and scroll to Week 34.  (Converting mixed numbers to improper fractions.) Click on FRI and don't forget to check your answers.



There is only one Teams meeting today at 9 am. 

Mental Maths (20 minutes)

Click on the link below which will take you to TopMarks Maths - Archery Arithmetic.

Click 'play Game, single player'. Look at the list.  Click on the ones that you think you need to practise.  (The Y5/6 objectives are really challenging.  You may want to choose other objectives.)


LO (40 minutes)

Subtracting fractions.

If you were not able to join me for the Teams session, you can click on the video link below or look at the Maths PowerPoint provided.  After, complete the maths activity.  If you're feeling confident with the work and want a challenge, there are two extension activities to try.  Don't forget, it's really important to check your answers so you can respond to any that you have have done incorrectly.  Like we would in school, you should then try to fix your answers.



Spellings (20 minutes)

Today would have been your spelling test at school.  Could you ask someone at home to test you on your spellings (words with the /or/ sound spelt au).  Don't forget to remind them to add on our WOTW.  They will have to give you a clue for the program/programme words to see if you know the meanings of both.  I'd love to know how you get on.  Maybe you could tell me your score on Seesaw? 

WOTW: program, programme, rhyme, rhythm

Task 1 (10 minutes)

Look through English PowerPoint 1.  Here you will recap on the difference between the homophones two, to and too.  After, complete English Task 1. Please make sure that you mark the answers.  


Task 2 (30 minutes)

LO: To organise and punctuate speech accurately.

Watch the following YouTube clips.  The first goes over the rules of punctuating speech with speech/quotation marks.  The second goes through how to set out a dialogue between characters.

You can also view my PowerPoint to go through the rules. 

* Open up English Task 2 *.  Add punctuation to the sentences.  Please check using the answer sheet.  

** Open up English Task 2.  You will see a poem - Who said What?  What I would like you to do is copy the poem but write as a paragraph of dialogue.  You don't need to change/add to any of the words.  All you need to do is add punctuation and organise the dialogue. Check your work using the answer sheet. 




For this lesson, choose from one of the activities below:

*Yoga - follow the link to Cosmic yoga:


* Sports Coaching North West have invited Excalibur to take part in their ComPEte at home competition. Below are the three videos for the three different exercises. These are demonstrations of each activity. If you would like to take part, please fill out the results page attached. You may wish today to just practise these activities at home. 


1. Speed Bounce

2. Head, Shoulders, Knees, Toes, Jump

3. Step Ups. 

The deadline for entries is Friday 5th March at 12pm.



Before half-term, you should have completed your self-portrait - including colouring and shading.  Today, we are going to finish the piece by adding the background.  If you look at Frida Kahlo's self-portraits (attached), you will see that quite often, she adds leaves, foliage or animals into her backgrounds. 

* Choose a plain colour as you background.  Neatly colour, in one direction so it doesn't look scribbly.  

** In the style of Frida Kahlo, can you add leaves/foliage to your background.   You could even try to add an animal.  (It might be worth practising this first!)  


I would love to see your completed pieces so if you are able to, could you upload your piece to Seesaw.  


For next week:

During the war, many people made stews for their family meal as they are cheap and easy to make. For one of the tasks next week, we shall be making Staffordshire lobby as part of our DT project.  You can use my recipe (below) or you can find one online.  If you are vegetarian, you can search for a vegetable stew which is a similar meal. You might want to research the idea of a Staffordshire lobby.  Where does the name originate? Why is it a meal associated with Staffordshire?  

If you follow my recipe, you will need:

* 450g stewing beef

* Onion x1

* Carrots x4

* Potatoes x3

* Swede/turnip x1

* Celery x4

* 500 ml beef stock


Mrs Bailey's Guided Reading Group

Thank you to those who joined me on Monday. You worked really hard once again. You should be really proud of your efforts :)

Our session will take place as normal on Monday at 1pm. 

Please make sure that you have read and that you are familiar with the text, 'Ancient Rome' before the session. (The text is available in the files section.)

Also, please make sure that you have a copy of the text to refer to during the session on Monday.

See you then :) 




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