Friday 5th February

Well it is almost the weekend and today we find out who our 'Stars of the Week' are.

Remember to join for phonics at your usual time!

English lesson 3

Today, we finish our work on 'questions' with Tommy Toe.

Watch the video below to find out our learning for today.

Tommy Toe and the Funny Noise

Now complete our final activities, Red Bug (3) or Blue Bug (3).

You can upload your response to Seesaw.  

Remember to write your response using a pencil. 

Remember to say it out loud before recording and our sentence rules.

I look forward to seeing your responses on Seesaw.


It is Friday and that means it's time for our weekly spelling check.  

You can watch the video below or you can ask your adult to read the words out.  

Remember you can share your score on Seesaw if you like.

Today, follow the links below and then complete the follow up activity.

Warm up...

Subtraction Cat Song

White Rose Video – ‘Subtraction counting back.’


Subtraction Song

Now, complete the attached maths activity.  

You can print the PDF or complete directly on Seesaw.

Today, we join the Miss Larham, at Oak Academy, for a Design and Technology lesson.

To explore a range of sliders and levers

If you don't have a split pin, you might want to stop the video after the slider has been shown.  

You can then concentrate on this project.  

I wonder what you will make your moving project will be?

I look forward to seeing your response to Seesaw.

These pieces of music help you discover different emotions.

A journey through musical emotion

Music is a brilliant way to express yourself.


Try listening to this next song.

Labrinth - Express Yourself Lyrics

You could play some of your favorite music to dance along to.  

How does it make you feel?

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