Monday 8th February

Good Morning everyone!


It's Monday today. It's our last week before half term. We are missing you all so much but we are SOOO proud of you all. We think you are all amazing. (Grown-up's too!)


Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day and Shrove Tuesday or pancake Day as it's often known, are all coming up in the next week or so and some of our learning this week will be based around them.


Mrs Jones has a another special assembly for you to watch today ...



Monday Assembly with Mrs Jones



If you can join us at 9.15am for our live Teams meeting we will be very happy to see you. We have our first live 'show and tell' at 2.45 pm today. Invites for the week have been sent out over MST.  It's a different group of children each day. 


Activities for today are ...




Foxes - Head over to the RWI YouTube channel. You need the 'read and hold a sentence 1'. It changes at 9.30 am each day. 


 Read and Hold a Sentence 1



Hedgehogs - 'or' (see below for follow-up sheet and lesson video)


Hold a sentence for after the lesson: I can play sport.


Rabbits and Owls - Reading and spelling lesson from the Read Write Inc website


Hold a sentence for after the lesson: the big fat hen


 Set 1 Sounds Wordtime Reading and Spelling Lessons


Dough Disco


Join us today live at 11 am for dough disco (invite through Teams). 


Today's song choice is ...  


Jackie Wilson - Reet Petite


Don't forget to really work those fingers!


Can you include ...




superhero squeeze?






Maths - 'Growing 6, 7, 8!' - week 3


Lets warm up with Jack Hartman


This song is all about all about counting on in 1's from different numbers up to 20.


Counting On by 1's I Can Count From Any Number


This week we will be measuring. We begin with comparing height and length before moving on to the Days of the Week, measuring length and measuring time. 


Growing 6,7,8 - Week 3


After the lesson you are going to be building towers to compare the heights. You could use cubes, blocks, Lego or Duplo as long as what you use is regular in size to make it fair.


There are also some new activities on the additional maths activities page. 


Additional maths activities


Twinkl Go

Visit the Twinkl website to play the 'Beanstalk Height Ordering' game

twinkl go

Enter the code DR4652

Due to the popularity of the site it may be slow to load.


PSED/CD Kind Hands 


On Sunday 14th February it will be Valentine's Day. Some people like to send cards or gifts to someone that is special to them.


Watch the short film about kindness. Warning it does end rather abruptly!


A short film about being kind


Questions to think about ...


What did the dog do that was kind?


Why do you think he helped the heron?


What did the heron do that was kind?


Why do you think she did that?


Listen to the kindness song and look out for the children being kind.


Kindness by the Juicebox Jukebox


We are going to use our kind hands this week. 


Can you use your kind hands to ...


make someone you love a card or a gift like a picture?


help around the house e.g. make your bed or tidy away your toys?


give someone a cuddle?


sing a song or read a story to someone?


What else could you do with your kind hands?


Perhaps you could try to do one kind thing a day for a week.



Have a lovely day,

See you later for a bedtime story,

Mrs Rogers






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