Epic Readerpillar

Well done if you have been using Epic.

Now we are in Lockdown we need this website more than ever!

We have recently earned a new badge so I will post them here so you can see them.


In September, everyone recieved the class code for Epic.  

This gives access to thousands of eBooks and educational videos.  Some of the books even have quizzes to complete.  

If you have a tablet you might be able to download the app for Epic.  

It is an American website so the class equivalent to Year 1 is Kindergarten.  

The website also displays a suitable age range for each book.

Looking for some reading books that the children will manage?

Click Explore> Type 'Learn to read' in the search bar > choose a book. Pink (easier), Red, Yellow and then Blue (harder)

Follow the instructions below to get started.

  • Click the epic logo above and it will transport you to the website.  

  • Sign in with our class code.

  • Find and click on your name.

  • Explore the eBook library.  

  • Change your avatar if you like. You can unlock new characters and frames for your avatar as you read more.

  • Try and read for 20 minutes a day because that will earn you a new badge in your student area.

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