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The purpose of Religious Education, at Excalibur, is to help the children to understand the significance of religion and its contribution to their social, moral, spiritual, understanding of community and cultural developments. (SMSC - British Values) 


For children to learn how to:

  • formulate their own sense of purpose in life;
  • recognise the ways in which religions have given a sense of purpose and community;
  • understand the religious experience of others;
  • develop their own beliefs, values and ideals in light of their experiences;
  • relate their beliefs, values and ideals to their actions and their relationships with others;
  • develop a respect for other people, their beliefs and lifestyles and celebrate the diversity in society;

The children are encouraged to explore religious beliefs, practices and values in more than one religion or denomination.


PSHCE is central to the ethos of Excalibur Primary School.  Children need self-awareness, positive self-esteem and confidence to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding needed to lead confident, healthy, independent lives.  The school is committed to promoting healthy lifestyles and is part of the Healthy Schools initiative.


For children to learn how to:

  • develop as responsible individuals with a respect and understanding of the needs of others;
  • contribute to the daily life of the school and participate in the decision making process;
  • develop confidence in themselves as individuals able to express thoughts and feelings;
  • develop as spiritually aware, happy individuals with a respect and understanding of the world around them;
  • develop physically with an understanding of how to live healthy lives;
  • develop awareness and understanding of our own and other cultures;

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