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Pupil Voice February 2023

Miss Robinson spoke to groups of children from each year group about their learning in PE. All of the children were eager to share their learning and spoke confidently about their experiences of PE at Excalibur.

Below are some comments from the children and their PE lessons and learning.

What do you enjoy about PE?

Partnering in PE helps me to make friends. Year 1

Dancing – more steps each time we dance. Year 3

Create own dances. Year 3

I like sport, it’s fun. Year 6

Running and sprinting. Year 5

Run around the track. Year 3

Working together. Year 2

Allows us to run and gain stamina. Year 6

Play a variety of sports. Year 5

Use energy outdoors. Year 4

You get fresh air so are not stuck in the classroom all day. Year 4

Using the gymnastics equipment. Year 2

Teach new skills and learn new sports. Year 4



Why do you think it is important to learn about PE?

To keep fit. Year 2

Gives you a good mind set. Year 5

Doing exercise makes you stronger. Year 1

Helps your brain. Year 1

When you are older you could do PE/sport as a job. Year 3

To keep fit and healthy. Year 5

Experience different sports. Year 3

If a child doesn’t have access to sport at they can do it in PE. Year 6

Children need exercise to stay healthy. Year 6

Exercise body and brain. Year 4

Helps you in life – jobs where you need to be active. Year 5

So you know how to do things when playing a sport at a club. Year 2

Learn new things. Year 4



What do you do if you are stuck?

Try and work on it and then ask the teacher. Year 3

Practise at home. Year 3

Have a go and then ask the teacher for help. Year 4

Try again. Year 2

Don’t give up. I still have fun even if I am not good at it. Year 5

Ask someone for tips if they are good at it. Year 5



Here are all the activities that the children have done in their PE sessions.

*Cross country             *Yoga                            *Parachute             *Dance

*Basketball                  *Dodgeball                     *Netball                 *Gymnastics

*Tag rugby                   *Football                      *Hockey                   *Running 

*Hula hoops                  *Balancing                   


Here the opportunities we have had to take part in after schoo clubs.

*Tennis                        *Football                        *Tag rugby                  *Dance

*Netball                         *Multi skills                    *Hockey                      *Basketball






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