School News

Virtual Panto - 11th December 2020

Here are our Year 4 children enjoying the virtual panto last Friday!


Year 6 Yellow Brick Road Workshop - 5th October 2020

This week, Year 6 received a visit from Yellow Brick Road Workshops to do an afternoon session on the Colonisation of Africa. During the afternoon, the children learnt about the scramble for Africa and the failed railroad from Cape Town to Cairo. They also debated whether the Benin Bronze statues, which were taken from southern Nigeria by British forces, should be returned to the country. They created their own rainforest soundscape, did some African dance and looked at some African fabric. Many thanks to Yellow Brick Road for an afternoon packed with learning!


Viking Day - Year 4 - 18th September 2020

On Friday Year 4 had the pleasure of having a real life Viking visit them! They got to experience what weapons the vikings used, what games the vikings used to play, how to start a fire and their favourite part how to fight like a Viking! Year 4 had a fabulous day and all went home very tired!


Annie Performance - 26th February 2020

On Wednesday 26th February, Year 6 performed as part of Alsager School?s musical performance of Annie. 

After a rehearsal before half term, and several practices at Excalibur, Year 6 pulled out the stops during the afternoon for a matinee performance in front of other schools, including our own Year 5 class.

In the evening, the children returned to the high school for a performance in front of parents. Once again, they were fantastic, complementing the superb performances from the high school students.

Well done to all of Year 6 and a particular thanks to all the children who returned in the evening. Many thanks to Mrs. Bundy, Mrs. Hilditch and Mrs. Westcott-Brown, who supported the performances and to all parents for supporting their children in participating. As usual, Mr. Galley and the high school staff were a great support throughout and it was wonderful to see many former Excalibur pupils performing as well.


Annie Rehearsal - 13th February 2020

This year, our Year 6 class are continuing a long-standing tradition of accompanying Alsager School's drama department in their annual theatre production. After two visits from high school music teacher, Mr. Galley, on Thursday 13th February, Year 6 visited Alsager School for a rehearsal of Annie. During the afternoon, they ran through each of the songs, practised the dance routines and discussed the logistics of moving on and off stage. After several practices at school, it was wonderful to see Year 6 do such a good job. The performances, a matinee and evening show, are taking place on Wednesday 26th February. Many thanks to Mrs. Bundy and Mrs. Westcott-Brown for joining Year 6 for the afternoon.


Enterprise Project Challenge - 29th January 2020

On Tuesday 28th January 2020, Mrs. Bundy and Mrs. Handley had the privilege of taking eight Year 6 children to Alsager School for the Business Enterprise Project Challenge. This is designed to be an interactive and thought-provoking way of introducing young people to the importance of business thinking, economic awareness, financial literacy and their ability to work in a group.

The two teams of four children set up their stalls in the Hollinshead Hall, showcasing their business ideas and products that they sold at their Christmas fair. Each team then took it in turns to present their PowerPoint presentations to the other primary schools. They outlined their chosen charity, expenditure, profits earned and products made. Three judges came round to question the children and students at the high school visited the primary stalls to vote for their favourite team.

The children were then set two challenges, one a quiz about business logos and successful business entrepreneurs and the other a challenge to design a flag for their business.

On completing all these challenges, the judges made their final decision and we were delighted when one of our groups - Retro Reindeers - won the overall winners cup!

All children were well-behaved and a delight to take and represent their school.


The Day the Fire Engines Came - 17th December 2019

Red Watch from Crewe fire station recently came to visit the Reception class. The children looked at the special equipment fire fighters use and wear and found out how fire fighters help us. After looking around the engine the children got to use the hose and gave some rather dirty cars a wash!



Wonderful Water Wall - December 2019

Thanks to the fantastic effort, time and skill of Mr Pickin and the generosity of Newcastle Plumbing on Linley Road, the reception outdoor area has been enhanced by a fantastic water wall. The wall will provide the children with a range of learning opportunities from problem solving and team work, language, maths and creative development as well as fine and gross motor development. As you can imagine it has been very well received.



Christmas Tree Festival - 22nd November 2019

The Reception class has had the opportunity to decorate a Christmas tree as part of the annual Wesley Place Christmas Tree festival. This years’ decorations were both multi-sensory and made from natural materials. During a special workshop, our fantastic Midday assistants worked with the children to thread popcorn garlands, make cinnamon and orange parcels, glittery pine cones, clove studded oranges and gingerbread shapes. There was certainly a delicious smell wafting through school whilst the decorations were being made. The tree is now back at school for all to see. 


Police Visit - 20th November 2019

Reception class recently enjoyed a visit from Staffordshire police. Inspector King and Sargent Daw came to talk to us about their job and showed us some of the special equipment that they use on a day to day basis. They also brought along a special ‘cub’ van for transporting prisoners. Some of us were even brave enough to get inside! We also had the opportunity to try on a police helmet and vest. There were a lot of fantastic questions from the children and hopefully an understanding that the police do more than catch ‘bad guys’.


Anti-Bullying Week - November 2019

To begin our Anti-Bullying Week 2019 activities, Year 4 watched the short film 'For the Birds'. We discussed how we are all different and which birds in the film could have been kinder and more compassionate towards each other. We then created our own posters to be put up around the school, in line with this years Anti-Bullying Week theme 'change starts with us'. We decided our posters would encourage others to choose kindness and demonstrate the different ways we can be kind to each other. 


Year 6 Safeguarding Session - 13th November 2019

Following a safeguarding conference at Pikemere earlier in the year, our head boy, head girl and sports ambassadors planned and led assemblies about how to keep safe. During the assemblies, they covered topics including E-Safety, stranger danger, game ratings and awareness of dangers when around roads and canals. They then followed up the assemblies with further information delivered to classes. Well done to Faith, Felicity, Eloise, Archie, Adam and Joe.


Litter Picking Foundation - 13th November 2019

A few weeks ago, Year 6 children, Joe, Rossi and Finn, noticed that there was an increasing amount of litter on the playground. As a result, they decided to develop a litter picking initiative to encourage other children in school to take responsibility for keeping our school environment tidy. During an introductory assembly, they explained the importance of disposing of waste correctly, including the damage which plastic does to our seas and oceans. They encouraged children from all year groups to sign up to be part of the Litter Picking Foundation and take collective responsibility reducing litter on our playground. The group did a wonderful job at inspiring the other children to take action with a large number of individuals signing up on the very same day. Many thanks to everybody who has signed up and particular credit to Joe, Rossi and Finn and for taking the lead on this.


Infant Bonfire - 5th November 2019

The weather cheered up just enough for the infants to celebrate our annual bonfire celebration.  The children watched as Mr Pickin lit the fire.  The flames danced and crackled whilst everyone enjoyed their chocolate apples.  Later, we all warmed up with delicious hot chocolate and marsh mallows.

One World - 5th October 2019

On Saturday 5th October, our fantastic choir performed at the annual One World Festival held at Alsager Civic. The children performed wonderfully throughout, treating the audience to four songs around the theme of climate change. Many thanks to our children who gave up their time on a Saturday to represent Excalibur - you did us proud. Also, a special thank you to Mrs. Bain, who came into school on a number of occasions to prepare our choir.

Drumming Workshop at Alsager School - Thursday 3rd October 2019

As part of transition opportunities with Alsager School, children from Year 5 and 6 visited Alsager School on Thursday 3rd October to take part in a drumming workshop led by Mr. Galley. During the session, the children worked together to create a piece of music using the percussion instruments. Many thanks to Mr. Galley for the engaging and instructive session.

Year 6 Laches Wood Residential

On Wednesday 18th September, Year 6 embarked on their residential to Laches Wood. Spending two nights at the outdoor education centre near Wolverhampton, the children took part in a variety of exciting activities, including canoeing, high ropes, climbing and bushcraft.

On the first evening, they worked in teams to complete an orienteering-style activity known as the photo trail. On Thursday night, a camp fire was lit and they sang a variety of tunes, many of which being suggested by members of the class.

Year 6 were a pleasure throughout the three days and both school and Laches Wood staff were impressed with their resilience and determination in all activities. Well done, Year 6!

Engineers' Award - Spring Term

In the spring term, Year 6 took part in an engineers’ award entitled: If you were an engineer, what would you do? For several sessions, the children worked to create a design for their own invention. They were required to draw a diagram of their idea and then annotate it or write an accompanying cover letter.

The whole class took part, with several members of them submitting entries to the organisers. Following a judging process, we received confirmation that Holly and Harriet had been shortlisted and would be in consideration for the final stage of the competition. Out of 1500 entries, we were delighted to be informed that Holly had been awarded a distinction and Harriet had been judged as highly commended. Both entries will now be displayed at Coventry University. Only 131 entries were selected for this honour. Well done both of you!

Prince Harry - 30th April 2019

Year 3 were very excited to receive a very special delivery from Kensington Palace! Each child and Mrs Bailey received a letter from Prince Harry responding to the letters that we sent to him before the Easter holidays. Our reason for writing to him was that he took part in an expedition to Antarctica and we were keen to find out more about his adventure, including the equipment that he took with him.



Science Week - 11th March - 15th March 2019

During Science Week each year group took part in some exciting Science based activities.

Reception investigated and tested whether objects rolled or didn’t roll. They made a prediction about what they thought might happen and then tested the objects on a ramp. We discovered that some objects stayed still, some rolled down the ramp and others slid down the ramp.

Year 1 explored ways to made sound. They thought about how to make sound using their bodies and a variety of musical instruments.

Ella - Waves come towards us and go into our ears and into our brains. 

Harry - Things vibrate and the wave is a sound wave.

Pippa - We hear things to keep us safe.

Year 2 carried out a floating and sinking investigation. To begin with they predicted which of the objects would float and which would sink. Then they had great fun testing to see if they predictions were correct.

Year 3 explored their senses, in particular their sense of sight. They were given a series of challenges to complete; first with their eyes open and then with their eyes shut. They then had to consider which were more difficult to do with their eyes closed and which it made no difference whether they had their eyes open or closed.

Ellie - It was all enjoyable, trying new things. 

Aden - It was hard to do the cubes becasue you couldn't see the joining bits.

Madison - It was interesting trying things out and finding out which were hard. 

 Year 4 attempted to ‘clean’ some dirty water. First they discussed which equipment would be the best to separate the different solids that were mixed in with the water. Once they had made their suggestions they then had to use the different equipment (magnets, tweezers, small holed sieves, beakers, large holed sieves, filter paper and funnel) to separate the water from the solids. At the end, Year 4 decided it would not be safe to drink the water.

Ellie - I enjoyed seperating the materials and seeing the dirty water change to clean water. I would do it again.

Tilda - I enjoyed all of it and it was good because we had fun. 

Josh - I liked using the magnets. 

Amira - I enjoyed using all of the equipment. 

Year 5 investigated which type of biscuit was best for dunking in a drink. They had great fun timing which biscuit took the longest to break.

Joe - I enjoyed timing to see how long each biscuit lasted.

Faith - I liked how we tested different biscuits. 


Year 6 created their own lava lamps, gaining their understanding of the reaction that was taking place though discussion.


BBC Teach Blue Planet Live Lesson - 26th March 2019

On Tuesday 126h March, Year 2 watched the BBC Teach Blue Planet Live Lesson. The lesson looked at Earth’s rich marine life. Expert wildlife biologist, Lizzy Daly taught us about healthy ecosystems and the threat to our oceans from plastics and over fishing. We watched as Steve Backshall swam with sharks in the Bahamas wearing chain mail gloves. He showed us what sharks can teach us about ecosystems and how human behaviour can threaten shark life. The children were surprised how the UK is linked to animals all over the world by our inter connected seas and oceans.


Year 5 Brass Concert - 21st March 2019

On Thursday 21st  March, our Year 5 children dazzled us with their trumpeting skills. Parents, peers and staff watched and listened as the children demonstrated what they had learned. Well done Year 5 and a big thank you to Mr Birch from Love Music Trust who has worked diligently with the children over the last ten weeks.


NSPCC Assembly - 12 March 2019

On Tuesday 12th March, the NSPCC came into school to talk to the children about their Speak out, Stay Safe programme. This involved an assembly during which the children learned about how they can keep themselves safe from harm and what do if they have any concerns or worries. Following the assembly, our Y5 and Y6 children were involved in a workshop led by the NSPCC team.


World Book Day - 7th March 2019

On Thursday 7th March, the children were invited to come into school dressed as a character from a book. What a fabulous effort everybody made. The children looked amazing! During the morning, the children talked about their favourite books and the whole school shared the book “The Poppy Field” by Michael Morpurgo. I’m sure there will be some wonderful work to follow.


Fizz Free February - February 2019

As part of a Cheshire East initiative, during the month of February, our school undertook the Fizz Free February Challenge: to go without drinking fizzy drinks throughout February.

In total, over 80 children completed the challenge in full, with many more making a good effort at cutting down their fizzy drink intake. A superb effort by all.


Live Engineer Event - 5th March 2019

On Monday 5th March 2019, Year 6 participated in a live online engineer event as part of the Engineer's Leaders Award. This competition will see the children submit ideas along the theme of: "If you were an engineer, what would you do?".

The children received a presentation from Alison Benn, a senior engineer at Astrazeneca, a research-based biopharmaceutical company. During the presentation, Alison talked about what had inspired her to become an engineer, along with the route she took to become one. She then shared her previous projects, including working on the testing of flight-test dummies for the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and working in a brewery. Moving on, she discussed her current job managing a team of twenty-five engineers in the production of drugs for clinical trials. This includes the production of the drugs and the packaging of them.

Following her talk, she took questions from ourselves and the other primary schools. These ranged from what had been her favourite project so far to her favourite football team (Leicester City).


Year 6 Grease Performance - 27th February 2019

On Wednesday 27th February 2019, Year 6 performed in Alsager School's Grease performance. After several weeks of practice, including two sessions with Mr. Galley, high school music teacher, the children stepped up to perform for an audience. During the afternoon, they performed two songs: We Go Together and Shaking at the High School Hop. Many thanks to all of the adults who supported the event, both from Excalibur and Alsager School. And particular thanks to those children who returned in the evening for the fantastic evening performance in front of a sell-out crowd.


Safer Internet Day - 5th February 2019

Excalibur Primary School joined lots of other schools around the country and the rest of the world to take part in Safer Internet Day. This year’s theme was, "Together for a better internet".

The assemblies on the day had an E-Safety focus, linking to the theme of “Together for a better internet” and understanding consent in a digital world. There was a real emphasis on the fact that they have a choice about what they do online and we hoped to encourage them to make positive choices and be good digital citizens;

The Key Stage 1 assembly showed the importance of asking for permission when using the internet. It centred around a story with the characters, Zap and Zoom who are seen asking for permission to play on their favourite game. Whilst playing, Zap comes across something that he is unsure about – a message pops up asking him to fill in some personal details so he can receive extra points - so he asks his Dad for advice. Zap’s dad deletes the message, highlighting the dangers of sharing personal information online. The children were then asked to consider why Zap had made a good choice and what might have happened if he hadn’t. The assembly ended by giving the children ideas of how they can ask if something is safe online.

The Key Stage 2 assembly also focused on consent, exploring what this means and different online situations where consent may be required, including sharing photos and playing age-restricted games. The children were asked to consider the best cause of action in a variety of different circumstances. The closing message of the assembly was that the children should always consider whether their choice affects anyone else and whose permission they may need to ask, as well as empowering them to seek advice if they are unsure or if they see something that upsets them or makes them feel uncomfortable.

Each class spent some time on the day thinking about E Safety and completed a variety of different activities.


Reception class revisited the themes of their assembly back in the classroom thinking about the importance of not giving away any personal information. We read and discussed Smartie the Penguin story.


Year 1

Year 1 looked at the different things that we should do to stay safe online. The children said:

“Don’t give out your information.”

“Tell your grown up if someone is mean.”

“Never tell people where you live.”

Then they looked at the school website and thought about what we should do if we want to share photos of other people. Following on from this, the class watched a Hector’s World video all about sharing photos.

Finally, we played an exciting game called, “Keep it safe or give it away”. The children had to go a side of the room to indicate whether they thought the information provided should be kept safe or was ok to share with other people. Examples were the name of their school and what they had for breakfast.

They all agreed that they should keep their full names and addresses safe.

Year 2

Year 2 class followed up from the assembly by recapping what things could be classed as personal information. They had a discussion about the importance of not sharing this online. Following on from this, they watched Hector’s World which helped them to identify different personal details and also allowed them to explore the fact that not everybody is who they say they are online.

Year 3

At the beginning of their session, Year 3 recorded some personal information on post-its and handed them in. During the activity, Mrs Bailey displayed some of the post-its around the room and even sent some of the post-its to other teachers! At the end of their session, Mrs Bailey asked how they felt about her sharing their information. The children discussed how they should have given her permission to share their information. Also, we talked about the importance of checking how personal information is going to be used before sharing it.

Linking to the assembly, they looked at different examples of consent, sorting them into online and offline examples. This linked to their post-it activity. They then watched a video about two friends, Zishan and Megan playing on an online game. Zishan had given Megan a code to enter a world that he had created. Megan loved it and thought it was brilliant so she passed the code onto other people in their class. Zishan was really upset because Megan had not asked permission. We thought about what she should have done and created our own messages that Megan could have sent to Zishan. Finally, we discussed what things we do online that we need to ask permission for and created our own pledges to show what we had learnt.

Year 4

At the beginning of their session, Year 4 recorded some personal information on post-its and handed them in. Some of the children were unsure about this and questioned Miss Taylor about what she was going to do with the information! During the activity, Miss Taylor displayed some of the post-its around the room and encouraged the children to discuss their feelings about this information being shared. At the end of their session, Miss Taylor asked what she should have done before sharing their answers with others – she should have asked their permission! Also, it highlighted the importance of checking how personal information is going to be used before sharing it.

Year 4 explored what the internet meant to them. They had to draw an apple, a dog and what they thought the internet looked like on a post-it. Then they compared their drawings to their friends, noticing that the apples looked very similar as there is only one clear perception. The dogs were slightly similar depending on people’s experiences but the internet pictures were all very different because nobody really knows what the internet looks like with it being an abstract concept. They talked about how they view the internet is very personal and extended this discussion with what the internet means to them, mind mapping their different ideas.

Year 5

Year 5 had a P4C session, exploring the question – “Is social media safe?” The class really thought about the question, considering lots of different aspects to the argument. This led into a discussion about how people can find out a lot from a photo posted online, for example, a picture of someone in their school uniform or football kit could give clues about where they live.

Year 6

Year 6 took a quiz all about oversharing personal information online. They talked about the correct answers, leading into a discussion (and debate!) about how to behave safely and appropriately. This led into a conversation about age restrictions for games, exploring the fact that they wouldn’t be allowed into a cinema to watch a 18 rated film so should they be playing PEGI 18 games? Each member of the class created a pledge poster surrounding the issues that had been raised by the quiz.


Year 6 Enterprise Final at Alsager School - 5th February 2019

Over the course of the second half of the autumn term, Year 6 worked towards their Enterprise Project. The project involved the children working in teams to create products to sell in school. This year, the items ranged from stress balls to snow globes, Christmas decorations and bookmarks.

In addition to creating the products, the teams also created presentations which were then delivered to Mrs. T, Mr. Pickin and Miss Hilditch. Two teams were then selected to represent Excalibur at the final at Alsager School. 

On Tuesday 5th February, those two teams, accompanied by Mrs. Bundy and Mrs. Townson, headed to the high school to compete. During the competition, the teams decorated their stalls with their products and pitched them to groups of Alsager School students. They then presented their project to the judges and other teams, before taking part in a quiz. 

Both of our teams were commended on the quality of their products and particularly in recognition of their sales skills and presenting. In the end, Showbiz Santas were awarded the Best Presentation Award, bringing home a brand new, sparkling trophy.

Well done to both teams for representing Excalibur with such professionalism and skill. Congratulations to Izzy, Grace, Darcey and Ella and in particular credit to Ben, Rudy, Nicolas, Evan and Will for their success in the presentation category.


bCyberwise workshops - 5th February 2019

To celebrate Safer Internet Day, Key Stage 2 took part in bCyberwise workshops run by Life Education North West. Each class explored key issues surrounding internet safety, including sharing personal information, cyberbullying and age restrictions in a variety of different ways. The children took part in discussions, sorting activities and responding to scenarios, as well as watching and reflecting on some videos.

Year 3 and 4 explored how the internet can be used both positively and negatively, sharing their own experiences of being online. Michelle talked to them about age restrictions on games and explained the possible effects of playing on age-inappropriate games on their developing brains. The term, ‘cyberbullying’ was explored and the children were asked to think about what this meant and how to recognise it. To apply their learning, the children were given strategy cards in small groups. They were asked to consider whether their strategy was a positive or a negative strategy and why. This was a really useful activity and it really got the children thinking about what they can do if they have a problem and how they can support their peers. Michelle used a target board to help children consider who they would share different personal details with from themselves and their parents to close friends and strangers. This was to illustrate the importance of not sharing personal information online and to highlight that they need to think carefully about what they are sharing and with whom. To summarise their learning, the children were asked to come up with three rules which they would share with somebody who had never been on the internet before. Their ideas were fantastic!

Year 5 explored internet safety and what this term meant. The concept of sharing personal information and photos/videos was discussed and how over-sharing can be dangerous. The children were shown a CEOP video which highlighted how easy it is to over-share online and the potential consequences of this. The video and the discussion following on from it centred around getting the children to consider whether they would put pictures on billboards outside their house like the girl in the video and got them to reflect on how once they have shared something online, it is out there indefinitely.

Year 6 had to reflect on their own internet usage and online behaviour. The main focus of their session was getting them to consider how to use the internet, including social media appropriately in readiness for their transition to the high school. Michelle explored the different age restrictions on popular social media apps to highlight to the children which apps, games and software are appropriate for their age. She then explored different privacy settings with the children in order for them to protect themselves and their personal details. Over-sharing was also discussed in terms of posting photos and videos online.

All of the children were fully engaged throughout and enjoyed exploring the different concepts relating to internet safety. The workshops were a valuable learning opportunity to help raise the children’s awareness, encouraging them to make positive choices and be good digital citizens.

Chinese New Year 2019 - 5th February 2019

This year, we celebrated Chinese New Year on Tuesday 5th February. We said goodbye to the 'Year of the Dog' and hello to the 'Year of the Pig'. Key Stage One celebrated by finding out how the years came to be named after animals, learned about customs and traditions associated with Chinese New Year and tasted rice, noodles, vegetable spring rolls, prawn crackers, sweet and sour sauce and hoi sin sauce. It was a delicious day!

Wind in the Willows - New Vic Theatre - 17th January 2019

All our children from Year 2 up to Year 6 were lucky enough to take part in a fantastic trip to the New Vic theatre to watch Wind in the Willows. The children were mesmorised as they followed the adventures of Rat, Mole, Badger and Mr Toad.

 “I thought it was really funny when Mr Toad was put in prison.” Lilly

“We all jumped when Mr Fox came out of the picture.” Isaac

“It was amazing and wonderful when everyone made up at the end after all the trouble they had gone through.” Jack

 The children were all really excited about their visit. As they walked in, the children gazed in wonder at the props which had been laid out ready for the performance. They were really eager for the play to start and they were talking excitedly about what they thought was going to happen. Throughout the performance, the children were completely engrossed in the action and spent the interval discussing what had happened so far and what they thought would happen next. It was lovely to hear the children laughing at the jokes and enjoying the acting and the music. 

 It is clear to see just how much our Year 4 class gleaned from the wonderful character performances from their descriptive writing.


Hey Ewe - 12th December 2018

Hey Ewe was performed in the school hall to delighted parents, carers and grandparents today. The Infants told the story of some curious sheep who could not sleep. They had noticed lots of people walking to Bethlehem along the dusty road. What was going on? Shepherds, angels, kings and a star, this was no ordinary evening. Of course! Baby Jesus had been born.


Rudolph Run - 11th December 2018

Today, the children took part in a sponsored walk/run/hop/skip/jump. It was great fun and very festive as the children all wore reindeer antlers and red noses. The event was in support of St Luke's hospice. 



Premier Education visit - 10th December 2018

Today, Premier Education have visited every class in school to talk about healthy lifestyles. They talked about four fundamentals: healthy eating, exercise, drinking water and sleep. The children took part in a blindfolded tasting session and were encouraged to use their senses to guess the food being tasted. a delicious session in school.

PCSO Visit - 5th December 2018

On Wednesday 5th December PCSOs Sophie and Olly visited school to lead an assembly focusing on strangers. They reinforced the message that giving personal details to strangers is wrong. Of course they did this in a fun way with the help of very larger bear. Sophie also gave us a guided tour of her uniform and its safety features.   


Children in Need 2018 - 15th November 2018

Today children came to school wearing spots, ears and other Pudsey and Blush accessories, for a donation towards the BBC 'Children in Need' appeal.

Infant Bonfire - 7th November 2018

Everyone was looking forward to our annual bonfire and eating the traditional chocolate apples. But, sadly the weather was not in our favour and we were not able to proceed with the bonfire. We did still come together to eat our apples and drink the hot chocolate.


PCSO Visit - 23rd October 2018

On Tuesday 23rd October, PCSO, Sophie Jebb Bowman visited the school to share lunchtime with the children. She spent time in the dinner hall, then joined in with some lunchtime games. Sophie was incredibly impressed with the children’s manners in the dinner hall and their behaviour in the playground. She is looking forward to returning to our school next half term to lead an assembly on “Stranger Danger”.

Coding at Alsager Library - 19th October 2018

As Excalibur Primary school had the highest number of children registering for the summer Reading challenge this year, we were invited by Alsager library to participate in a coding workshop. On Friday 19th October, our Year 5 and Year 6 children visited the library to participate in a Micro:bit emoji workshop. The children had to program 25 LEDs to look like an emoji. After the children had programed their LEDs they then learnt how to change the emoji face. They did this using the various buttons and using movement to reset their emoji face. After the children had done this, they used CAD to design a body for their micro bit. When the children had designed the body, they used various stickers and colours. Once the designs were finished, the children printed off their robot, glued it together and inserted the Micro:bit as a face. The children were thoroughly engaged and focused throughout the activity and said how much they had enjoyed the experience.           


French Day - 18th October 2018

On Thursday 18th October, the whole school took part in our very first French Day. During the day, the children got the opportunity to speak to a fluent French speaker, Mrs Scott, and order their own snacks at the Excalibur Market Stall. They shared a story and sang some songs in French. The KS2 classes also began practising letters that will be sent to pen pals. It was wonderful to hear so much French being spoken throughout the day. Many thanks to Mrs Scott and also to Miss McArdle, who came in to support the activities.


Book Fair - October 2018

Our recent book fair was a great success once more and we took a total of £688.96. As always, we will receive a good of commission on this amount of £344.48 which we then spend on updating our reading stock in school – the pupils often choose the books from the catalogue themselves. Many thanks for your support.



Life Education Van - 10th to 12th October 2018

You may have noticed the appearance of the Life Education van in the car park this week. This is a mobile interactive classroom where each class engage in learning about healthy lifestyles. This has been funded again this year by the Friends of Excalibur (FOE) and is an ‘added extra’ to our PSHCE and science curriculum. Many thanks to them. Be sure to ask your child about their experience in the ‘van’ this week!

Passport to the World Week - 25th June 2018

As part of our promotion of British Values and Global learning, the school became an airport week beginning 25th June. The children had their passports ready and moved to the ‘gates’ (classrooms) to take their trips to a range of countries. They participated in a range of activities to further their knowledge and appreciation of the world. The children have told us that they loved this week, particularly the chance to collaborate and work with different age groups – they would like to do this again next year and have made some really good “even better if’s” suggestions for next time – they would like to learn about even more countries in the world and have more time working with people from other classes.


Choir Perform in the Community - 23rd June 2018

Following the success of winning the Love Music Trust choral competition, our choir has been out and about sharing their performances in the community. They performed at Clonter Opera on Saturday 23rd June. Excalibur was also invited by Councillor Shirley Jones to send a choir to sing as part of the civic service recognising her selection as Chairman of Alsager Town Council. On a hot Sunday afternoon Mrs Bain, Mrs Bundy, Miss Taylor, Mrs Rogers and fourteen children and their families turned up to represent the school. Led by Mrs Bain, they performed 3 songs for the congregation. A heart-felt thank you to parents, carers, friends, staff and of course the children for giving up their time for both occasions. They represented the school fantastically. After the event the school were contacted by Councillor Jones who said:

“Well what can I say.  I found myself listening to the choir from Heaven.  What a lovely, talented group of children and so ably trained and conducted.  A very professional performance and one that I will remember for a long time to come.

Once again I thank staff, children and parents for their support.  Excalibur School has a music tradition to be proud of and I felt that it made my special occasion really SPECIAL!”

Carnival Float - 9th June 2018

Did you spot the Excalibur float in the Alsager carnival procession? The Year 6 float was 1920’s New York themed and the children were excellent with non-stop waving and dancing throughout the procession. We were thrilled to be announced the winners this year! Thank you to the staff, volunteers, pupils and parents/carers who made this happen. Also – a big thank you to Friends of Excalibur who funded the resources to make the float.



Bikeability - Year 4 and 5 - 6th and 7th June 2018

Year 4 and 5 recently completed their Bikeability sessions and learnt how to ride their bikes safely. The children did really well and the instructors commented on how enthusiastic everyone was!


Dementia Friendly Alsager - May 2018

Here is a great example of the positive use of social media celebrating all the Alsager schools’ commitment to helping our next generation to be dementia friends. See the Alsager Partnership twitter feed which showcases the great work happening in Alsager schools to support Dementia Awareness week.



Alsager Partnership (@AlsagerPartner)

21/05/2018, 22:27

Raising awareness of Dementia in young people is a priority in #Alsager and through all 6 schools we have reached 2,300 children who are now #DementiaFriends What an incredible way to support #Dementia in our town #UnitedAgainstDementia #Daw2018 #DementiaActionWeek @Alzhemerssoc


You can see the contribution Excalibur made to this event displayed in the entrance area of our school. Every child took part and the final product holds special memories and thoughts from our children. Again – many thanks to the staff for their team work on this project.


FOE Disco - 19th May 2018

FOE’s held a super disco last week which proved as popular as ever with the children. You should have received their latest newsletter where you can keep abreast of upcoming FOE events. Thank you to everyone involved for your time, effort and support. It really is appreciated.


Dementia Awareness - 2nd May 2018

Kath Reader and her team visited Excalibur on Wednesday this week as part of Excalibur’s move to become a dementia friendly school; in turn supporting Alsager’s pledge to become a dementia friendly town. The children listened and engaged really well; several teachers commented on their sensitivity and maturity during the workshops. Each child made an individual pledge on how they could be a dementia friend.

As an issue which is close to our hearts, the staff will be holding a ‘cupcake day’ on June 15th. Staff will be baking cupcakes for the children to buy at morning break time. Monies raised will be donated to the Alzheimer’s Society.


Reading Project - Spring and Summer Term

A group of Year 3 children have taken part in a reading project over the last few months; working with Stoke City FC and pupils from other Alsager schools during visits to Alsager library. They had a fabulous afternoon last Thursday when they got the chance to visit the Bet 365 stadium. Here’s what they thought:

“My favourite part was seeing the pitch because it was huge.”

“I loved the football stadium but my favourite bit was the changing rooms.”

“My favourite bit was seeing the trophies.”

Thank you to Mrs. Bailey for accompanying the children.


Science Week - w/c 12th March 2018

As part of our Science week learning every class had the opportunity to take part in a Forensic Science session. A crime had been committed and the children were required to search the crime scene to find clues to help them solve the crime. They discussed what clues they might find at a crime to scene to help them find out who was guilty. Working in teams, each group searched their crime scene for clues and compared the evidence that they discovered to the information they had about each of the suspects. Evidence such as fingerprints, footprints, DNA and clothes all provided clues, there were even some ‘red herrings’ along the way meaning the children had to decide which pieces of evidence were the key to revealing ‘who did it!’ Every class worked together brilliantly to solve the crime and thoroughly enjoyed taking on the role of crime scene investigators.


Hot Mikado Performance - 28th February 2018 

On Wednesday 28th February, our Year 6 class performed as part of Alsager School's Hot Mikado performance. Singing two songs and joining the cast for the outstanding finale, the children were a credit to themselves and to the school.

Beginning several weeks ago, Mr. Galley, music teacher at Alsager School, visited Excalibur to introduce them to the songs and to rehearse with them. Then, on Wednesday afternoon, the whole class attended a morning rehearsal at Alsager, followed by a a matinee for local primary schools, including our own Year 5. They sung "Gentlemen of Japan" and "The Drums Will Roll", two challenging songs that showcased the excellent performing skills of everybody involved.

Congratulations to everybody who performed, especially those who returned for the evening performance - you were outstanding.


Year 3 Class Assembly - 16th February 2018

Year 3 confidently shared their learning with the whole school and family and friends just before half term. They really did a fantastic job and have certainly learnt a great deal about the Roman invasion and settlement of Britain. Well done, Year 3!


Enterprise Competition - Year 6 - 6th February 2018

In the run-up to Christmas, the whole of Year 6 were busy working on their Enterprise projects, where they designed and produced their own products to sell at the Christmas Fair. The Christmas Fair, supported by parents and friends of the school, was a huge success, with over £200 raised for a variety of charities by Year 6.

A couple of weeks ago, each team, of which there were six, presented their Enterprise projects to Mrs T and Miss McArdle, who selected two teams to represent Excalibur at the Enterprise competition at Alsager School.

Joining the other primary schools in Alsager, the two teams, Red Nosed Reindeers and Selling Santas, competed for a trophy and the pride of being Enterprise Champions 2018.


During the afternoon, the teams had to present to a set of three judges, as well as the other primary schools. Presentations included photographs of their endeavours, as well as team responsibilities, details about products and end profits. As well as this, they had to recreate their stalls from the Christmas Fair and pitch their products to groups of Alsager School students, who circulated with tokens to give to the team of their choice.

The standard of the competition was particularly high this year, with every team displaying wonderful products and presenting professionally to the judges.

At the end of the afternoon, one of the judges stepped up to announce the winner. Expectation was high, with any team potential champions. However, we were delighted when Red Nosed Reindeers were crowned the champions, reclaiming the trophy that Excalibur have now won for three consecutive years - 2016, 2017 and 2018!

It must be said that the quality of all of the teams was truly exceptional this year - it was a tough decision to choose between them. Well done to the whole of Year 6 for embracing the Enterprise project, and for their outstanding teamwork and the way in which they independently worked towards their goals.

Finally, special congratulations to Selling Santas and Red Nosed Reindeers, for representing Excalibur with exemplary attitude and being outstanding throughout the afternoon. Also, many thanks to the staff and volunteers who supported our Enterprise project this year.


Singing Competition - 27th January 2018

Last week we took a group of junior children to Sandbach School to enter this year’s Love Music Trust competition heats. It was a wonderful event and our pupils showed 100% commitment and enthusiasm. We are one of three schools who have got through to the final and the group will perform on Tuesday 27th March at Crewe Lyceum. Tickets for the primary school final are available here:

Congratulations to everyone involved and thanks to Mrs. Bain for leading on this!


Saturday Night Fever World Record Attempt - 18th Dec

On Monday 18th December, Year 6 visited Alsager School for a unique opportunity to take part in a Guinness World Record attempt. Linking in with the 30th anniversary of Saturday Night Fever, the high school invited us to be part of a dancing challenge: the largest number of people to simultaneously do the moves to the famous Bee Gees song.

On arrival, and after eating lunch in the Hollinshead Hall, they headed out to the astroturf as part of a hoard of 1456 people - this included members of staff and pupils from Alsager School and 28 Year 6s from Excalibur. After a quick practice, we made a start, successfully following the dance moves throughout the song - it was quite a sight to see over a thousand people taking part in the same dance!

Members of staff at the high school commented on how wonderfully our children performed and it was a brilliant experience to be part of. Many thanks to the high school for inviting us to take part - we eagerly await to hear whether our record is confirmed.



Chinese PE Teachers Visit - 14th December 2017

On Thursday 14th December, we had the privilege of being visited by six PE teachers from China, who were over in the UK for two weeks to find out about British education. In particular, they were keen to find out all about PE in British primary schools, and Mr. Hancock had the pleasure of showing them around for the day. In addition, they observed Year 3 and Year 6 during PE lessons.

They started their day by sitting in on our Christmas-themed singing assembly before taking to the playground at break time - they were impressed with the diverse range of activities available for the children. Later on, during the tour of the whole school, they commented on the broad curriculum available and were very impressed with our displays. They joined members of staff for a school lunch, a choice of Spaghetti Bolognese or Cheese Pie.


Before they left they kindly presented us with several gifts, including a Chinese scroll, origami animals and a variety of other wonderful items that will be displayed around school. Many thanks to our visitors, and the interpreter that came with them, for giving us the opportunity to share the similarities and differences about PE in China - it was an interesting and highly rewarding experience.


Enterprise - November and December 2017

For the last few weeks, Year 6 have been busy preparing their Enterprise Projects, culminating in them selling home-made products at the Christmas Fair.

As in previous years, Year 6 worked in groups to come up with ideas for products and then making them from scratch. Working within a budget, the groups had to calculate how much they'd need to sell things for in order to make a profit. Taking on various roles, including being team leaders, business managers and designers, the children worked together to produce a fantastic array of products at Friday's Christmas fair.

The products included bookmarks, comedy stress balls, emoji keyrings, bead keyrings, reindeer food, reindeer hot chocolate, woollen Christmas tree decorations, Christmas wish bracelets, salt dough decorations, candy cane reindeer, decorated baubles, Christmas glitter, and bath bombs.

It was wonderful to see every team pull together to sell their products, working both behind their stalls and by going around the rest of the Christmas Fair selling their products on the move. Well done to everyone of you!

Over the next couple of weeks, the teams will be judged and two teams selected to go forward to compete in the Enterprise Competition at Alsager School


PCSO's visit the Reception class - 6th November 2017

As part of their ‘People who help us’ topic, Reception class had a visit from our local PCSO’s who explained their role in our community. The children were very excited! The PCSO’s even brought along their car for us to have a closer look at and the siren was super loud!


Training with Dr Barry Hymer - 30th October 2017

Staff have recently enjoyed a day with Dr Barry Hymer to learn all about the importance of developing a growth mindset and how this supports pupil learning. This worked wonderfully to remind us of the importance of Excalibur’s key curriculum drivers of resilient, resourceful, reflective, responsible and reasoning.


Visitors from China - 20th October 2017

Excalibur was fortunate on the last day of half term to host four teachers from China. The teachers and their interpreter enjoyed a tour of the school; visiting classrooms, joining us for stars assembly and having a ‘big breakfast’ for lunch with some of the staff and children. They commented on the many initiatives in our school which support the social and emotional needs of the children, they loved our displays and the outdoor space. We also chatted about education in China; the similarities and the differences. They left us with some beautiful gifts as a thank you; including a book, fans and paper weights. We hope to host more teachers from China later this term who are specialist PE teachers, so Mr Hancock is sure to be interested in finding out about new ideas and techniques!


Staff Development and School Improvement - Sept & Oct 2017

As an ‘outward facing’ school, Excalibur is always developing and seeking to improve in any way we can. Staff have ongoing training and networking opportunities throughout the year. Recently, we have had training in: coaching, emotionally healthy schools, food hygiene, global learning, fire safety and reading. All staff had their annual safeguarding refresher training.

We have also recently had the autumn term visit from our school improvement partner (SIP). The SIP’s role is to quality assure our self-evaluation and school priorities. Our SIP is a current OFSTED inspector. In her report she comments that: “Excalibur is an excellent school that offers a great deal to all of the pupils. Rich and exciting opportunities are used to support learning at every stage…this is a school that everyone is proud of” and on the “ambitious drive to continue to provide the best possible education for all the pupils at the school.”


International Peace Day - 21st September 2017

The children had a special lunch in a box today for International Peace day. They had Croque Monsieur, Chinese Spring Roll, Pizza Pinwheel, Crudite and Patatas Bravas followed by a dove shaped biscuit.  They also designed postcards around international peace that will be sent to children all over the world.


Hygiene Audit - September 2017

We have also had a spot check hygiene audit and I am very pleased to tell you that Mrs Preen and her team in the school kitchen retained their grade 5 rating; which is the highest grade which can be achieved.


School Sports Gold Award - September 2017

We are thrilled to have been awarded the Gold School Sports Award for the fourth consecutive year. This accreditation recognises our commitment to sport within and beyond the curriculum. Thank you to everyone for their hard work.

Punch and Judy Show - 20th July 2017

Y2 enjoyed a traditional seaside show this week to finish their seaside stories topic. Being so kind; they invited Y1 to join them too. Thanks to Mrs. Weatherby for organising this.


Reception Class Pirate Party - 17th July 2017

Pirates have certainly been a theme in school this half term. No curry beans at Reception class’s pirate party this week – but plenty of “arrghs”, “shiver me timbers” and even a few “walk the planks.” What great fun for everyone and a memorable way to complete their learning in Early Years.


Year 5/6 Performance - Pirates of the Curry Bean - 13th July 2017

The Y5/6 production this year was a great hit! The children were fantastic and we received some super reviews. Here are a couple of snippets:

‘Last week it was anchors away for the swashbuckling adventure “Pirates of the Curry Bean” performed with confidence and good humour by year 6 pupils. If you were lucky enough to have watched one of the performances then you witnessed the power of team work – ably lead by Mrs T and her teaching colleagues.

Pirates of the Curry Bean was this year’s great choice. It allowed all children involved to grow a little, to shine a lot and to dazzle with such piratical style.’

Excalibur Governor

'We joined you on Tuesday afternoon for the production of Pirates of the Curry Bean. What a brilliant performance and a credit to the school, the pupils, the staff and all those who helped. We have seen many school performances over the last forty years and can only say that Excalibur's performance was truly outstanding. As grandparents we cherish the opportunity to join Excalibur, as everything that you do is so well presented, and we look forward to continuing to do so for a few years yet.'

Excalibur Grandparents


Teddy Bears' Picnic - 12th July 2017

Our new starters and their parents/carers joined us last week for a Teddy bears’ picnic at lunchtime – a lovely way to start to get to know each other. The weather held out for us too! We look forward to welcoming our new cohort to Excalibur in September and we are very excited to get to know everyone better.


Alsager Carnival - 10th June 2017

Thank you to everyone who supported us, not only on the day, but in making the superb art work for the float and for the wonderful costumes. We had a great time contributing and representing our school at the Alsager carnival. As always, the children were fabulous!





Sports Week - 22nd to 26th May 2017

Find out all about our sports week and to view photos of the events please follow the link


Year 3 are invaded - May 2017

On Friday 5th May 2017 , Year 3 were subject to a Viking invasion! They had an amazing day outside, learning all about the Vikings from one of the invaders; lots of drama and using replica artefacts. The costumes were marvellous and this extra special activity really brought the topic to life for the children. Well done, everyone!




Reception Class Visitors - April 2017

Reception class had a visit from Mrs Cadman last week who kindly brought along some animals for the children to see. These included a bearded dragon, a tortoise, a red kneed tarantula and a family of guinea pigs. The children were all very brave and decided whether to touch certain creatures if they were allowed. Thank you to Mrs Cadman (and Charlie) for your time and assistance.




Global Learning - artist in residence - April/May 2017

As part of our focus on global learning, each class over the last few weeks has had opportunity to work with an artist. There is some quality work being created. This will come together in a whole school display to encapsulate the important themes within global learning – interdependence, social justice, sustainability and the overlapping British values of democracy, liberty, mutual respect and tolerance. We will upload some photos of our work onto the website soon. Thank you to Friends of Excalibur for funding this enrichment activity for every child.

Photographs can be found on the following link:



Comic Relief - 24th March 2017

Well done everyone who supported comic relief  with their wacky socks and tights. Excalibur raised £189.44 in total.



Year 3/4 Reading Project - February and March 2017

Some of the children in year 3 and 4 have been taking part in a reading project with other children from local schools. This has involved several trips to the library, a visit to Stoke City FC and a morning at Cranberry Academy for an art/drama workshop based on the stories shared. The children involved engaged really well, concentrated and showed exemplary attitudes.



World Book Day and Book Fair - 2nd March 2017

Thank you for supporting World Book Day,  lots of superb writing was created throughout the school inspired by ‘The Day the Crayons quit’. Also, thank you for supporting the book fair. We took £567.98. We receive 40% commission on this total which then allows us to buy books for the classrooms.


NSPCC - Fundraiser - 13th February 2017

The response to the NSPCC spellathon fundraiser has been fantastic and we have now managed to donate an amazing £2,125.55 . Thank you to everyone for this brilliant effort.


Life Education Van - Internet Safety - 9th February 2017

All children took part in activities on e-safety day last week and following this year 4,5 and 6 had specific e-safety workshops with the team from Life Education.

Year 4

The year 4 children talked about the issues around staying on their computers and other devices for long periods of time. They then talked about what makes a good password,  what to do if they receive a nasty email and what to do if someone asks you to share a photograph.  They then looked a cyber manners.


Year 5 and 6

We started by exploring what we already knew about internet safety. We knew quite alot! Then, we discussed age ratings and why age restrictions are applied. After watching a short film, we talked about what we should do to stay safe. We learnt about the 3c's: Contact, Content and Conduct and then thought about cyber bullying and how we protect ourselves on the internet.

"It was educational and interesting. I now know what CEOP is and how it can help me" - Josh (Head Boy)

"This morning was interesting. I know more about bullying online" -