Thursday 21 January

Hello Year 2. You have worked so hard this week, well done.


Thursday 21 January

Welcome to Thursday everyone. Click on the 3D shapes to hear todays welcome.


Let's remember the names of 3D shapes. It is a long time since you learned these in Year 1 so let's take another look.

Then, answer all the questions about 3D shapes and look around your home for some 3D shapes. Which 3D shapes have you got a lot of? Which 3D shapes are hard to find? Use the 'Thursday Maths 3D Shapes' page below.


Today we look at the features of information text writing and sort our snake facts into groups, so that we can section our writing into paragraphs. Click on the snake to hear me talking about the features of information texts. Use the PowerPoint 'Third Person Writing' to guide your writing.

Remember to read to a grown up for 20 minutes.


Here are the next two songs and the next parts of the story of Jack and the beanstalk. You can hear the story and learn the songs. Next week Jack reaches the Giant's castle.

And The Beanstalk Grew

And He Went Higher!


Can you try these challenges? Book balance.

Standing jump. We do this in school.

Cross bar challenge. Try rolled socks instead of a ball.

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