Thursday 4th February 2021

Good morning everyone.

I hope you are all well and enjoying your week.  Below is our online learning for today x


EMA (15 minutes)

Please follow the link to My Mini Maths and scroll to Week 8.  (Solving problems with scaling.) Have a go at the tasks below.  Start on one star and move onto two star if you're feeling confident. If you need extra support, you can watch the online tutorial - Vid 1.

* Click on THUR (scroll down for answers.)

** Click iQ4




You can join me on Teams for this session at 9 0r 9:30 am.

Mental Maths (20 minutes)

Follow the link below to Hit the button.  Click on Doubles then choose from the following activities:

* Doubles from 10 to 20

**Doubles to 50


LO (40 minutes)

Fractions greater than 1 (improper fractions)

Today, we are going to be looking at fractions that are greater than 1 whole.  If you missed the Teams session or would like a recap, have a look through the PowerPoint which goes over what these fractions look like.  After, choose from a *, ** or *** maths activity then have a go at the extension activities.  All answers are provided so you can check your own work.  



You can join me on Teams for this session today at 10:30. 

Spellings (20 minutes)

Homophones and Near Homophones

Please find attached a handwriting sheet to practise your handwriting and words for this week.  You may also want to spend some time thinking about the meanings of the homophones as the meaning will help you to understand which spelling to use.  

Don't forget to spend time revising our words of the week, below:

                      *necessary, especially, opportunity, sincere


Writing Task (40 minutes)

Today, we are going to complete the final paragraph of our writing - Was it right to evacuate children during the war?  Once you have finished, it is then time to read back through your entire piece of writing to complete those final checks.  This might include:

  • Looking through the checklist (attached) to make sure you have included the relevant features.
  • Checking your punctuation - particularly full-stops and commas.
  • Making sure your writing makes sense and that you haven't missed words out of sentences.
  • Is your writing cohesive?  This means, do your sentences flow from one to the next?  Do your paragraphs flow?  Would a reader be able to make sense of the argument?
  • Checking spellings.  Spend time on this!

This is your only task today as, if done properly, this should take you quite a bit of time.  

 I am looking forward to reading your final pieces!


Science - (bring a balloon and a marker pen if you have one at home)


Today’s science lesson is looking at The Universe. It’s a big thing to get your head around so make sure you concentrate.

Watch this first to get those brain cells warmed up.

Solar System | BBC Bitesize | science - YouTube

Here is the lesson for today from Oak Academy. You can also print out the document Lesson 4 – The Universe to help you to answer the questions.

What is the universe and what is it made from? (





Sorry if last week’s French was a bit tricky!


We’re having a change of topic this week. We're moving on to hobbies.


Please can you watch this video and practise saying the words.

All the sentences start with J'aime which means I like.

Then please choose 5 things you like to do and write the sentences in your books.  You can either write what it means in English next to it or draw a picture.


To say I don't like it's  - Je n'aime pas

So, for example

Je n'aime pas jouer du piano - I don't like playing the piano.

Please choose 5 things they don't like to do and write those sentences in their books too, and again, either put what it means in English or draw a picture. 


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