Wednesday 20 January

Good morning Year 2


Wednesday 20 January

Welcome to Wedneday. It's going to be busy! Click on the shapes to hear our morning message.


How many sides does a triangle have? What about a hexagon? Can you remember the mathematical word for corners? Vertices. Use 'Wednesday Shape Sorting' to answer as many questions as you can and look at the last page to choose a sorting task or maybe try answering both. 


Wow Year 2, your riddles were very great. I enjoyed reading them all, and some were tricky to guess. In our story Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters, Nyasha is visited in her garden by a snake. We are going to write an information text about snakes. Click on the snake to watch me practise some useful skills for non-fiction writing. Use the PowerPoint 'Information Text Skills' to guide your writing.

Don't forget the Snake Reading comprehension. Send it to me by Friday please.


Today, we are off on a tour of the UK. Miss Browne is your guide. Can you remember the four countries of the UK? What about their capital cities? Use this link to find out about some of the famous features of the four countries.


Last week you tried tinkering with branching databases in j2e. This week follow my PowerPoint guide to create a branching database then ask someone to have a go.

Use this link or the j2e link from our class page.

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