Wednesday 24th February

Remember to join our morning Teams at 9.30am. 

It was great to see everyone yesterday!

Join our Live Maths input, at 9.30am, to introduce our learning for today.  

If you can't make it or if you would further explanation please watch the White Rose video. 

Warm up

Count by 1’s to 50 (forwards and backwards)

White Rose Video – ‘Counting forwards and backwards within 50.


The folllow up activity is attached below (if you prefer to print it).  

Please upload a photo of the work on Seesaw or complete directly on Seesaw.  


Maths Extension Activity

There is an optional extension activity attached if you want more maths.  

This activity is a discussion problem, for numbers to 50.  

The answers are included so that the children can mark their work at the end.  

You don't need to upload to Seesaw unless you want to show me your work.  

English lesson 3

Today, we continue our series of lessons based on ‘The Old Toy Room’.   

We are going to explore a very messy playroom. 

Watch the English introduction video at the bottom of this page.

First, imagine that you are a toy sitting on a shelf. 

What can we see? 

 Nouns are the names of objects or things e.g. ball, teddy and car.



BBC Bitesize - What are nouns? 


Now, list 5 nouns you can see in the messy playroom.


What do they look like?  How might they feel?

Adjectives are the words that describe the object.  We are going to describe the appearance of the toys.

A softcolourful ball.       fluffy, old teddy.        A shiny, red car.



BBC Bitesize - What are adjectives?


Next, think of adjectives to describe your list nouns.

Write a short sentence for each noun.

Remember to use a comma to list the adjectives if you have one than one to describe the noun.

Remember to upload your response to Seesaw. 

Today, you need to visit the phonics page for your daily Read, Write Inc lesson. 

Follow online learning > Year 1 > Phonics Resources > (then letter set 1, 2 or 3)

Today, we join the Miss Jadoon, at Oak Academy, for another important lesson.  

This one is all about 'Local Heroes'.

Miss Jadoon talks about carers and protectors.  

We find out how people in our community fall into these two catergies.

Local Heroes

At the end of the lesson, there is a chance to draw and write about someone who helps us in our community

There are some suggestions at the end of the video.

Remember to post a response on Seesaw!


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