Week beginning Monday 11 January

Good morning everyone. Has your snow all gone? How are you exercising? PE with Joe is back! Find him on YouTube.Three live lessons a week: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 09.00. 

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Wednesday 13 January 

Welcome to Wednesday. 

Click on the map to hear today's message.



We have been very busy using our times tables. Now we are going to move on to division or sharing. This video shows division clearly.


Would you like to try Q1 and Q2?


Try the sharing questions on the Wednesday Maths Sharing page in the files at the bottom of this page. Choose a page to answer and challenge yourself to try 2 or 4 questions from the next page.


Today, you are going to use the skills you have practised so far like list sentences and past tense verbs. When you re-write the paragraph, make it sound just like the start of the story. Use the PowerPoint called Wednesday Cinderella Paragraph, to guide your writing.  Click on the smily face to watch me write the paragraph.   smiley

Practise your common exception words for 10 minutes and make sure you read to an adult for 20 minutes. Have you chosen a book on Epic, yet?


Check your sequencing tasks from last week. Have you got any more to do.? Try to complete 5 more tasks in the shortest way possible.

Curriculum, Website and Homework Links, Year 2 Code.

Then see if you can work out how to make a branching database on j2e.


Trying yourself is called tinkering. Then if you have some time left use Prodigy, I know you all like that.


Miss Brown is going to teach you all about the UK. Can you name the four countries of the UK? What about the seas that surround the UK?


Tuesday 12 January

Click on the picture. Welcome to Tuesday.


10x table today. Practise your 10x before watching the video. You are all very good at this. Clap and count in tens up to 100 and back down to 0, just like we do in school.


Answer as many questions as you can using this link. Print out, write out the answers or answer on Seesaw.


Challenge yourself to try a problem solving page from Tuesday Maths 10x Challenges: red star, blue star, gold star.


Follow the PowerPoint at the bottom of the page for todays English. We are finding and using past tense verbs. Tuesday Cinderella Past Tense Verbs. Click yes to watch me explain regular and irregular past tense verbs.

There is a Cinderella reading comprehension in the files too. You do not need to do it all in one go. There are three levels to choose from. Choose one set of questions to answer. Please send a photo of your answer page via Seesaw for Friday, thank you.


Let’s look at some basic drawing techniques today. Follow this link to listen to Paul Priestly. He is drawing with outlines and edges. Send me a photo of your beaker via Seesaw please.



Try ‘Run For It’ Set out a 5m length and see how many shuttle runs you can do in 1 minute. Have a rest then see if you can beat your own score. Why not try it outside?


Improve your target skills with ‘Hit the Target’. Those socks from last week may come in handy today.


Monday 11 January

Welcome to Monday. Click here to watch this mornings welcome message and introduction to English. Our Epic class code is on the Seesaw English page for today.


Last week we practised the 2x table. Today practise your 5x before watching the video. Can you clap up to 50 and back down to 0?


Then try the questions on this link print out or answer on Seesaw.


Challenge yourself to try a problem solving page. Choose one from Monday Maths 5x challenges below or send a photo of your page or answers.


Over the next few days we are going to write the first paragraph of the story Cinderella. Then, we are going to use our ideas to re-write a Cinderella story set in another country. But which one? Use the powerpoint below to guide your writing: Monday English Cinderella List Sentences

Watch the video at the top of the page to watch me using commas in lists.

Have you remembered the spelling test on Friday? 10 old common exception words and 10 new ones. The words are on the Common Exception Words at the bottom of this page?


Last week we looked around our homes and the classroom to see if we could find objects that were made out of different materials like wood, metal, plastic, glass. We also wondered why the windows were made out glass and why the chairs were made out plastic. Today, we are thinking about the properties of those materials, whether they are they soft, hard, flexible, stretchy. Watch the video and then try explaining materials were chosen for particular objects. Use the Material Choices page to record your answers.



Everyone gets a bit cross or annoyed or frustrated at times. Miss Jadoon is back with some good advice.


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