‘Nurturing Individual Excellence’

Week beginning Monday 22 June

Super! Amazing! Wonderful! Brilliant! I am running out of words.

We are so close to 1000. I think we should go for it!

Prodigy Leader Board

Gold -   Lauren    Silver -   Evie    Bronze -  Joey

Very well done to these three children, you are working really hard.

Things to do

Download the power points below to find out more details for English and maths.

English – We are looking at 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch' and writing another short playscript but with the extra challenge of new punctuation which you will also use in different ways in KS2. Then there is a book called 'Hello Lighthouse' which has beautiful illustrations. We will use it to inspire our writing in the form of a diary. The lighthouse keeper in this book writes a journal. I wonder if any of you are writing a diary at the moment. It is a good time to start. I wonder if your 90 year old self will be amazed at what was going on in the world.


I have assigned two books about weather for you on Epic. There is an easier one and a trickier one. Challenge yourself to read both. Go on, be brave. Or, ask a grown up to read to you. Complete the quiz at the end of each book. If we were in school we would measure the temperature throughout the day and month, we would look at clouds and measure how much rain falls. We might even take the water colours outside and paint the clouds. At home you could do some of these things. 

If you like learning about weather there are all sorts of books on Epic about: hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis, thunder, and lightning, wind, sunshine, heat waves, galciers, deserts the list goes on.....

We're going for the 1000! You are closer than you think.wink

 yesJoin the Silly Squad for the summer reading challenge yes

The Challenge encourages children aged 4 to 11 to enjoy the benefits of reading for pleasure over the summer holidays, providing lots of fun and enjoyment as well as helping to prevent the summer reading ‘dip’.

Usually, one of the Alsager librarians would come into school to launch this annual initiative.

I urge you all to take part.


Spelling - every day. Words ending in 'tion' like competition, exhibition, station. It's the 'ti' that says 'sh'.

Complete the spelling practice page in Excalibur cursive please. There is a quiz to help you practise.

https://www.educationquizzes.com/ks1/english-spelling/year-2-words-ending-in-tion/  You could let me know through the blogs if you like the quiz, if you want to.

It should look like this.

tion endings

station fiction motion nation

section addition subtraction 

potion option introduction


Look at our Year 2 class page. There are handwriting videos to watch. They should remind you of our handwriting in class. Print out the paper to practise any joins you are not sure about. Your spellings now need to be written in Excalibur cursive.

Spellings should now be in Excalibur cursive handwriting please.

Maths - This week we are going to be practising telling the time.  I have asked you to make your own clock to help you. We will also be reading the time from clocks.

PE with Joe Wicks on youtube live 9.00 - 9.30 Ask first. My t-shirt has finally arrived. I will be wearing it in school this week. smiley

Geography/History - We have been having some very strange weather recently. Plenty of storms! I would like you to keep a daily record of the weather. This can include: temperature, rainfall, cloud types and wind speed. You can think about the clothes you wear and the activities you do as a result of what the weather is like on that day. There is a cloud visualiser to help you identify the different types of clouds.

Science – I would like you to create a poster to help people to wash their hands properly. On your poster you should show how to wash your hands as well as when you need to wash them. Think about why it is so important to wash your hands properly.

Art/DT – Design and create your own clock. This links in with our maths work this week.

IT - Use this website to learn about how to stay safe online. https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zq3gp4j

You could also listen to a radio station just for children using this link:  https://www.funkidslive.com/

The website has all sorts of things to learn about.

Music - The Mermaid. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uN7lcjhz4eQ

Thursday is RSE Day. Here are 20 ideas to start conversations appropriate to primary age pupils.


From today, Monday 22 June, I will be in school every day teaching a bubble of Year 1 children. We are not allowed to have more than 15 children in one classroom. As I am going to be their teacher next year, it makes sense for me to teach one of the Year 1 bubbles. I am still your teacher. I will still be thinking about you all, each and every day. I will still be looking at Prodigy, Epic and our blogs. I will still be asking you to practise your spellings, to read as much as you can and I will still be planning your writing. But I am going to need some help. Soooo, Miss Robinson is going to plan some of your online learning. You won't notice a huge difference but, it is important that you know and understand what is happening at school. 

Take care everyone 

Mrs Weatherby 

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