What it's like to be a citizen at Excalibur

UK Parliament Visit - January 2020

On Wednesday 29th January, Rachel Dodgson, a representative from the Parliament Education Engagement Service, visited school to lead an assembly with KS2 during which the children learnt about democracy in the United Kingdom. During the assembly, the children were each given a voting "pod" which was used for anonymous voting during the session - the percentage results were then displayed on the screen. In addition, Rachel explained the process of selecting MPs and the way in which bills are passed between the House of Commons and House of Lords before being given Royal assent by HM the Queen.

After the assembly, Year 6 were treated to a workshop where the children had to work in groups to create their own parliamentary party. They were given a selection of manifesto pledges which they then whittled down to just four key election promises. They were then tasked with presenting their reasoning to the whole class. The children then voted for the party they felt most represented them. As would be the case in a local or general election, a tie between Pentagon Party and Star Party was decided by chance, with Star Party being crowned the eventual winners.

It was clear from both the assembly and the workshop that our children benefitted from Rachel's visit, and now have a better understanding of the processes by our which our laws are made. Many thanks to Rachel for giving us this fantastic opportunity.


Parliament Session - Year 6 - December 2019

With the snap general election only two days away, Year 6 participated in a parliament debating session to further understand Britain's democratic process and the role of the House of Commons in decision-making.

After viewing an informative video, followed by clips of politicians clashing in Westminster, the children arranged the chairs in the same format as the House of Commons, complete with a chair for the Speaker of the House. Over the course of the afternoon, they debated a range of topics, including:

  • Should school uniform be banned?
  • Should competitive sport be played in primary school?
  • Should higher income earners be taxed more than lower income earners?
  • Should the government hold a second EU referendum?

Throughout the debates, the children argued their side of the argument eloquently and with confidence. Well done Year 6!


Reverend Hilton visit to Reception - December 2019

On Friday, Reverend Hilton came in to tell us all about what a baptism is and what it involves. He had brought in two books that are usually given to the parents and siblings of the person being baptised. Inside the books, it told us about the different parts of a baptism. We used this as a checklist to make sure that we included all of the parts in our baptism ceremony. Reverend Hilton pretended to baptise Theo with his ‘parents’ stood close by. Godparents were also selected and we learnt about what their role was. He had also brought in a real font for us to look at and he used this in his baptism. Then, he showed us how he would baptise a baby using a doll, which was wearing Mrs Bailey’s christening shawl.


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