What it's like to be a geographer at Excalibur

Y6 Fieldwork Skills - October 2020

In October, Year 6 practised their fieldwork skills in geography through carrying out a traffic survey in the town centre and a nature survey in the fields near to school. During the day, they honed their observational skills to take note of the physical and human geography of the local area. Once back at school, they considered their results and wrote conclusions on their findings.


Drawing Maps to tell a story in Reception - January 2020

As part of thir learning around The Gruffalo's Child the children made maps to tell the story.




Drawing Maps of our Welly Walk in Reception - December 2019

After our welly walk, Mrs Bailey asked us to draw a map of the route that we took so she could take her dog. We talked about the different things that we saw on the way and things that we would need to include on our map like the school, where we crossed the road and the gate at the entrance to Merelake Way.


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