What it's like to be a musician at Excalibur

Bonfire Night Music Reception Class  - 7th November 2019

To help us to celebrate bonfire night, we made our own bonfire music! First, we watched a video of our bonfire and paid particular attention to the sounds that we could hear coming from the fire. Some children noticed that closing their eyes helped them to listen to the sounds more easily. The children then came up with sound words to describe the noises that the fire made such as popping, crackling, whistling and clicking. The children then had to think of how they could make their own sounds using parts of their body and their voices. After taking some time to rehearse, we had a go at combining our sounds to create a class performance designed to sound like the bonfire. The children had to follow the conductor’s instructions carefully so that they knew when to start and stop their sounds. They enjoyed listening to their performances and commenting on which they preferred and why. Finally, the children were given a challenge to produce their sounds but to make them louder or quieter depending on the conductor’s instructions. They did fantastically and produced some brilliant music!


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