What it's like to be an artist at Excalibur

African Style Art Work - Year 6 - Autumn 2020

During the autumn term, Year 6 developed their skills in drawing and painting to produce artwork in a traditional African style. While artwork from across the continent is varied, depending on the place, culture and country, the use of bright colours (oranges, reds and yellows) to create the background was important. They then created silhouettes of figures to complete their artwork.

Owls - Year 1 - December 2019

Year One have used owls as inspiration for our art projects this term.

The children looked closely at the fine detail of natural feathers and produced some wonderful charcoal sketches.

The children also drew line drawings of owls and transferred their design onto polystyrene tiles.  They then printed their design on a variety of different papers and fabrics.

The children explored printing, with different objects, to create details for an owl shape.



Arcimbolo Face - Year 2

Year 2 children made Arcimbolo faces with fruit. On the left is the image that was used for inspiration and on the right is one of the faces that was created.


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