What it's like to be an athlete at Excalibur

Year 3 - ASM PE sessions - December 2020

We have been fortunate this term to have ASM and Sports Coaching North West come into school and run some of our PE lessons. During these sessions we have been improving our fundamental PE skills such as travelling and balancing. Thank you to ASM and Sports Coaching North West for running these sessions


Arctic Yoga Year 1 - February 2020

Year one tried out Yoga with an Arctic storyline.  The children listened very carefully and made body positions to represent different animals and parts of the story.  The walrus, Arctic hare and iceberg proved very popular as did the snow geese flying overhead.   Everyone felt very calm and relaxed at the end.



Gymnastics Year 1 - February 2020

The children explored the apparatus stations by travelling along in different ways.  They also explored different ways of jumping off the equipment.  We talked about landing safely and how it was important to bend our knees.  All of the children enjoyed helping to pack the equipment away safely.


Gymnastics Year 3 - December 2019

Year 3 worked their way around a circuit of apparatus during their gymnastics lessons. They explored different ways of travelling, created and held different positions as well as safely dismounting from the apparatus.



Tag Rugby Year 5 - December 2019

This half term, Year 5 have been doing tag rugby in their outdoor PE sessions. We began by looking at the basic rules of tag rugby, before practising the skills necessary to be successful.

Our first skill was tagging. We worked in pairs to try and take our partner's tag, thinking about how we could defend ourselves to try and prevent our tags from being taken. This progressed into games whereby children had to travel along certain routes, avoiding being tagged. Also, we looked at the optimum technique for tagging and the importance of shouting, "Tag!" 

Next, we looked at passing. We began passing in partners, making sure that we made eye contact before we threw the ball to help make our passing successful. Once we had got used to passing backwards, we applied the skill to team games. One game involved the children passing the ball along their team's line, widening the gap between them as they became more confident. To challenge some teams, they began to move as a line while passing the ball. Another game involved the chilldren collecting a ball, returning to their team and completing a successful pass to try and be the team to collect the most balls. We talked about the importance of being ready to receive the ball, as well as making sure we were considerate and supportive to other team members who were perhaps not so confident with catching, for example, by decreasing the distance between themselves and their team member before passing.

Next lesson, we hope to get into some games now that we have practised the necessary skills to be successful.


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