Year 2 2020 - 2021

Mrs Weatherby


Welcome to the Spring Term

Did you enjoy the snow in the holidays? I went for a snowy walk, it was magical.

Teacher: Mrs Weatherby

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Newbould

We also have Mrs Bebbington, Mrs Brooker and Miss Such who support our learning.


This term our topic is.....

Have you visited a castle? Where was it? What was it built out of? Who used to live there? Who used to work inside the castle? Could you recognise any of the rooms? Would you like to live in a castle?

In Geography we will learn about the four countries, capitals and castles of the UK.

Can you name the four countries of the UK? What is the capital city of each country?

Find out about the castle in each of the capital cities. They are all different.

Have a look at the picture clues. But, which is which? Where are they built? What is the same about them?

What is different about them? How old are they? You may have visited some them!


We are going to read lots of stories set in and around castles and palaces.



How many stories can you name that are set in and around a castle or palace?                                                                      





In History we will learn about the:


Where did it start? Why were so many houses destroyed? Was anyone hurt? They did have fire wagons in those days so why did the fire spread so quickly?


There are lots of links below to help your learning in Year 2. We will be using them in class but you can enjoy using them at home too.

A few parents have asked for the RWI set 2 and 3 sounds to practise at home. Here some links which should help:


The children should be able to spot the 'special friends' like 'ai' in rain. This will help them to decode a tricky word more easily when reading.


Why not print out some line guides to write on at home.  Click here.  

In class we use word mats to support our spelling. Click here.

Choose a handwriting video to watch.

caterpillar letters

c a d g q

ladder letters

l t i j u y

one armed robot letters

r n m h b p

zigzag monster letters

x v w z


mixed bag of tricky letters

e f o s k

alphabet sentence

Now you try. Print out some handwriting paper here. Start on the writing line. Use the lines to help guide your pencil.


Or, why not make your own handwriting recording using this link:

These are links to games and resources that are fun to use at home but also great for researching facts in and out of school. Subscribe to Blue Peter on Youtube - it's free!


A link to the National Geographic website which has information about lots of different animals including 'did you know?' facts.



Have a go at making a branching database.



We will be revising 2x 10x and 5x tables and moving on to 3x and 4x tables. Have a go on these games to help you learn them by heart. Lots of games to play to support your learning. In this game you have to feed the puppies and they bark!


P.E Kits:

Children will need their labelled P.E kits consisting of shorts, t-shirt and pumps or trainers for our P.E. sessions on Tuesdays and Fridays. Please ensure earrings are removed or covered for the session. Due to Covid19, pupils are asked to come to school in their PE kit on the appropriate days.

Water Bottles:

Please ensure your child brings their water bottle to school everyday and that it is clearly labelled with their name. There is a water fountain in the classroom for the children to fill up their bottles during the day.

Snack Money:

Due to Covid19 pupils will not be able to buy a snack from Mrs Preen. Please ensure that your child has a healthy snack for break time thank you. It is a long time until lunch. My tummy usually starts rumbling around 10.30 am. 


Planners should be in school everyday! Children should read at home everyday if possible. They can read their own books, school books, reading books and of course Epic. At this age, developing a love of reading for pleasure is essential. Please record home reading in the planner at least three times a week, thank you.

Homework and Spellings:

Guided Reading homework will be set every Friday in the homework book and is handed in the following Wednesday. Spellings will be sent home every Friday in the homework book also. My Maths homework will be set every Friday when appropriate to our class learning. Pupils already ahve their Prodigy usernames and passwords. 

If you have any questions regarding homework please do not hesitate to contact me.






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