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At Excalibur Primary School, our history curriculum aims to inspire a love of learning about the past, developing an eagerness to learn about the history of our country, as well as the history of more diverse places further afield such as Africa. Our children’s thirst for knowledge will promote an enjoyment of learning about the past. They will learn and retain a wide range of key knowledge, including dates and information relating to key events and significant individuals. This knowledge will be built upon and become more complex as children progress through the curriculum, developing a level of understanding which will enable them to begin to apply critical thinking skills to construct their own historical arguments and accounts.


Our children will gain an understanding of chronology, showing an awareness of where significant events, time periods and individuals fit within a chronological framework, developing a coherent and connected historical knowledge. Their chronological knowledge will develop as they progress through the key stages and the children will establish a mental timeline which will become more detailed and more complex as they progress through the curriculum. As they build up their timeline and chronological knowledge, the children will begin to be able to make comparisons across different time periods, identifying similarities and differences. By developing a secure chronological framework, our children will have established a knowledge base that they can build upon in the next stage of learning.


Our children will gain an understanding and appreciation for how historians came to learn about the past. They will learn how historians use and analyse evidence sources to construct, challenge and test claims about the past. As they progress through the curriculum, the children will have numerous encounters with a wide anthology of sources, including longer extracts and photographs, Like historians, our children will be provided with the opportunity to evaluate sources in terms of their reliability and validity, using key analysis vocabulary. They will begin to consider why viewpoints differ and the impact that this may have on the inferences drawn by historians. Our children will ask and answer questions, choosing and using parts of sources to show that they know and understand key features of events.








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