‘Nurturing Individual Excellence’

Values and Ethos Statement

We passionately believe that life chances are enhanced by a strong academic education. The school has spent time to robustly evaluate and identify a curriculum offer which will secure the attributes every child needs in order to be given every chance to succeed.

Our curriculum design is based on the belief that our pupils must be prepared to enter the next stage of their education equipped with secure knowledge, skills and understanding.

At Excalibur, the curriculum is based on our key principles that:

  • Basic skills are the core of all curriculum success
  • A breadth and depth of knowledge is the cornerstone of developing understanding
  • High standards are expected and modelled in all aspects of curriculum work

Curriculum intent and aims

Our curriculum design and planning is ambitious and is intended to ensure that our pupils are able to:

  • Enjoy success academically and aim high
  • Draw upon personal qualities of resilience, independence and confidence
  • Work cooperatively and respectfully with others
  • Make valuable contributions to society and become caring, tolerant citizens
  • Understand how to sustain physical and mental health

Excalibur Primary School

Ivy Lane, Alsager, ST7 2RQ

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