‘Nurturing Individual Excellence’

Year 3 2023 - 2024


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with Miss Forrester & Mrs Bundy



This term our topics are: 

1. The Stone Age



We will be doing lots of cross-curricular learning to really embedd the children's understanding of how life was different in the Stone Age. Our key questions that we will be discussing are: 

Were Stone Age people simply hunter and gatherers, concerned only with survival?
How much did life change when humans learned how to farm?
What can we learn about life in the Stone Age from a study of Skara Brae?
Why is it so difficult to work out why Stonehenge was built?
How much did life really change during the Iron Age and how can we possibly know?

Stone Age boy.png


2. Why are rainforests important to us?

In the second half term, our topic is ‘’Why are rainforests important to us?". We will be learning about biomes, the layers of the rainforest and will also compare our local forests and woodlands to rainforests. 


Our No Outsiders books for this term are:

This is our house- No Outsiders 1.pngWe're all wonders No Outsiders 2.png

They will help us to understand what discrimination is and what a bystander is.


Our Maths topics are: 

(please follow the links below for extra support and activities to help your children at home) 

Place Value

Place value - Year 3 Maths - BBC Bitesize

Telling the time 

Telling the time to 5 minutes - Maths - Learning with BBC Bitesize - BBC Bitesize

Telling the time to the nearest minute - BBC Bitesize

Addition and subtraction

Adding and subtracting - KS2 Maths - BBC Bitesize

Recap multiplication and division by 2, 5 and 10

Skip Counting by 2 Song | For 1st Grade & 2nd Grade Teachers - YouTube



There are also six attachments at the bottom of this page. One will help your child with their reasoning skills and the others are workbooks to aid their learning in school.

Here are some of my favourite Maths websites that you could use to help your child with mathematical fluency --> 

Hit the Button - Quick fire maths practise for 6-11 year olds (topmarks.co.uk) 

Daily 10 - Mental Maths Challenge - Topmarks 

Times Tables Rock Stars: Play (ttrockstars.com) 

KS2 Maths - BBC Bitesize 


Here is a brief overview of all of the objectives we will be covering this term: 

Medium Term Plan.png

There is also a larger version of this which can be downloaded from the files section below. See 'Medium Term Plan'.


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