‘Nurturing Individual Excellence’

Year 6 2021 - 2022

Mr Hancock


Welcome to the Summer Term of Year 6


During the term, we will be studying "Explorers", including the history of exploration across the globe and British exploration and its impact on the world in the 21st Century. Children will study world maps to track the journeys of several proiminent explorers, as well as researching the social geography of tourism on the Machu Picchu archeological site.

In addition, the children will learn about Great British explorers, such as Percival Fawcett, who mapped many parts of South America. The topic will be taught in a cross-curricular way, including through P4C (Philosophy for Children), where the children will consider the moral and ethical implications of exploration and colonialisation, as well as the motivations of explorers to risk their lives in pursuit of exploration.

In order to understand part of life as an explorer, the children will learn about survival skills, such as fire building and camp craft.

Book Study

Our book study this term will be Survivors, written by David Long and illustrated by Kerry Hyndman.


Beautifully presented in a large, hardback format, and fully illustrated in colour throughout, this wonderful anthology is a treat for all the family. Be shocked and amazed by these incredible real-life stories of extreme survival, including...

The Man Who Sucked Blood from a Shark, a sailor who survived for 133 days on a raft in the Atlantic when his ship was torpedoed, using shark's blood in place of fresh water.

The Girl Who Fell From the Sky, a teenager who fell 2 miles from an aeroplane and trekked through the Amazon jungle to safety.

The Woman Who Froze to Death - Yet Lived, a woman who was trapped under freezing water for so long her heart stopped. Four hours later, medics managed to warm her blood enough to revive her.

Combining classic tales such as Ernest Shackleton's Antarctic voyage, as well as more modern exploits such as the adventurer who inspired the movie 127 Hours, these astonishing stories will be retold by young readers to all of their friends.


In maths, we will build on our previous learning, continuing to recap and revise topic areas including number, calculations, fractions, percentages, ratio, measurement, shapes and handlind data.

Increasingly, we will target specific areas of weakness so that you can continue to improve and succeed.

 Times Table Rock Stars       

 BBC Bitesize

There are also plenty of learning opportunities on MyMaths.


This term, we are due to study two topic areas in science: light and evolution and inheritance.

Predominantly this term, we will explore the phenomenon of science through practical demonstrations and investigations. Even when at home, keep in mind the following types of scientific inquiry:

  • observation over time
  • pattern seeking
  • identifying, classifying and grouping
  • comparative and fair testing
  • research using secondary resources

There are some interesting science-themed links available on the following archived pages: Week 1 and Week 2.

Please click on the following link for an interactive website about evolution: https://humanorigins.si.edu/evidence/human-evolution-interactive-timeline.


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