‘Nurturing Individual Excellence’

Planning Progression

The Excalibur Primary School programme of study for Art has a clear progression of skills and knowledge with each year group following units of lessons in the key areas of Drawing, Painting and Mark-making, Sculpture and 3D and Craft and Design. The scheme supports the teaching of a broad and balanced curriculum, allowing us to focus on the practise of skills and techniques through the use of sketchbooks, whilst developing children’s knowledge in the formal elements of art – Colour, Form, Shape, Line, Pattern, Texture and Tone.


Our curriculum gives the opportunity for pupils’ Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural (SMSC) Development. The Knowledge of Artists strand enables pupils to research the work of famous artists as contextual reference for their own development in each project.  By reviewing work at the end of a unit pupils are able to appreciate and marvel at the work of their peers, assessing each other’s work, considering feelings and empathising with others.  The broad range of artists and cultures covered in lessons and through our yearly Passport to the World aims to broaden pupils’ cultural experiences.


Art at Excalibur provides every opportunity for pupils to develop their skills, their ability to express themselves and nurture their individual excellence. Through participating in great arts and culture children can learn about the rich heritage of The British Isles and beyond, becoming life-long learners and lovers of the arts.

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