French - 14.01.21

I can use the French names for rooms in a house and start to sentences

Task 1: Recap

  • Click here to access a video about the French words for rooms in a house.
  • With each word, do the following:
    • Read and listen to them
    • Say them
    • Write them down

Task 2: PowerPoint

  • Go through the PPT below. I have recorded audio over some of the slides which further explain what you need to do.
  • There is also a PDF version if you are struggling to open PowerPoint.
  • If you can't play the audio, do the following:
    • Slide 3 - 13 - look at the picture and state what room is shown in the picture. Click forward and the name will appear.
    • Slide 14 - 20 - Who Wants to Be a Millionnaire - look at the French word and choose which English translation is correct.
    • Slide 22 - 27 - This is simialr to the first few slides but part of the picture is obscured. You also need to say the full sentence C'est une cuisine - it is a kitchen.
    • Slide 28 - translate the two paragraphs on this slide into English.
    • Slide 29 - Write your own sentences or paragraphs describing this house.


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