Friday 11th December 2020

Hi everyone.  I hope you are all feeling well.  Below is your online learning for today.   


Mental Maths - our focus this week has been to learn our 7x table inside and out.  Continue to work on the number sentences for each table and practise the on Hit the Button.  You can choose from mulliplication facts, division facts, hit the question, hit the answer.

LO: Factors and common factors

We started work this week on multiples and factors.  Read through the PowerPoint attached and have a go at the questions on the worksheet.  Don't forget to check your answers. 


This week, we have been building up to writing a short, emotive letter from Michael to his family - one that he would then put into an empty bottle and launch into the sea in the hope of it being found.  Today, you can have a go at drafting/continuing to draft this letter.  Think carefully about what information you would include.

  • That you are ok and alive
  • That you are missing them deeply
  • How you ended up falling overboard
  • How you survived
  • What you are doing now
  • What you wish for, for the future

Remember, you wouldn't talk about Kensuke in your letter because of the promise that you made to him to keep his existence a secret.  


Our final science session for our Forces topic is all about water resistance and upthrust.  Please follow the link below to the Oak National Academy.  Watch the video and carry out the activities given.  You may want to do the questionnaire at the end of the lesson to see how much you g=have learned.


Have a lovely weekend x



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