Friday 12th February 2021

Good Morning, Year 5.

We made it to half term! You have all been absolute stars and I'm very proud of you all for putting so much effort into your work during these difficult times.  Hopefully, we'll all be together again soon. After your work today, make sure you have a lovely and well-rested half-term.


EMA (15 minutes)

Please follow the link to My Mini Maths and scroll to Week 48.  (Read and Write Roman Numerals to 1000.)  Click on FRI and don't forget to check your answers.



You can join me at 9 am on Teams for this session.  

Mental Maths (20 minutes)

Today, continue to work on your 9x tables.  To test your own knowledge, follow the link to Hit the Button.  Choose Times Tables, 9x tables and spend 5 minutes here.  After, go to Division Facts, divide by 9 This will test your knowledge of inverse questions.  You could always ask someone at home to test your knowledge as well.



LO (40 minutes)

Compare fractions greater than 1

If you were unable to join me on Teams or you want to recap on today's learning, have a look through the maths PowerPoint.  After, complete the maths activity.  Please check your answers and fix any you get incorrect.  It's always great to have a go at the extension work so please do move onto this if you can.  



You can join me on Teams for this session at 10:30.

Spellings (20 minutes)

Today would have been your spelling test at school.  Could you ask someone at home to test you on your spellings (words with the /or/ sound spelt or).  Don't forget to remind them to add on our WOTW (below).  I'd love to know how you get on.  Maybe you could tell me your score on Seesaw? 

WOTW: correspond, existence, desperate, prejudice


Writing Task (40 minutes)

Your task today is to write a postcard from Albert Sandwich to his mother who is still living in London.  Again, think about the features of a postcode.  Where is the address written? (You can make the address up.) What would you include in the postcard? Have a look at the document "An Evacuee's Postcard Home".  Here you will find a structure for your postcode, a word bank of really useful openers and a reminder of punctuation.  You may use the WAGOLL from yesterday to help but make sure you think about Albert's details of his adventures so far.  

After, please make sure that you check the spelling, grammar and punctuation of each post card.  I noticed yesterday that some of you were forgetting to capitalise proper nouns like Druid's Bottom, Carrie, Wales etc.  It is up to you to edit your work and to make it the best you can!



For this lesson, choose from one of the activities below:

*Yoga - follow the link to Cosmic yoga:


*Complete the following challenges (attached) by Sports Coach North West:

  •  Jumping Jacks
  • Plank
  • Tap Up Tennis
  • Wall Sit
  • Board Game



Last week, you did a sketch of yourself to include your features, hair and the upper part of your body.  Today, you are going to focus upon colour and shading.  If you don't have pencil crayons, you could just shade in pencil.  In order to shade, remember, you need to apply different pressures to the crayons or pencil to create a darker or lighter shade of the same colour.  Next time, we will consider the background of your art work.  


Mrs Bailey's Guided Reading Group

Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to your reading this half term. I am really proud of you and the effort that you have put in!

I have put a text in the files section which is a Chinese New Year story. Please make sure you read this ready for our next session which will be at 1pm on Monday 22nd February.

I hope you have a wonderful half term and make sure that you have a well-earned rest :)

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