Friday 12th February

It’s Friday and it is the last day before half term!


I hope you all have a wonderful, restful week.

You have worked really hard this half term and I am so proud of you all.


Please join me for a live Teams meeting at 9:15am :)

Please bring a whiteboard and pen to the meeting as we are going to play a game!



Today is Chinese New Year!


Kung hei fat choi!

We are going to be doing some activities to learn more about Chinese New Year and to help celebrate it but first...


Dough Disco!

Today, let’s take a trip to the dough disco!

Enjoy working those fingers to this guided dough disco video.

Let's go to the dough disco!


What moves will you do today?

Pat it?

Smack it?

Ball it?

Squeeze it?



Maths – ‘Growing 6,7,8’ – Week 3, Lesson 5


Lets warm up with Jack Hartman


This song is all about all about counting on in 1's from different numbers up to 20.


Counting On by 1's I Can Count From Any Number


Today, we are measuring time.


Growing 6,7,8 - Week 3


Once you have watched the video, please complete the follow up task below.

You are going to be measuring time.

First, you are going to see how many times you can write your name in one minute then how many cubes you can build into a tower.

You can also see what else you can do in one minute.

Think about which activities were quick to complete and which took longer.


Chinese New Year!

Today is Chinese New Year!


Listen to the Chinese New Year story:


Chinese New Year story


Can you re-tell the story to your grown up?

There are some pictures in the files section that you can put in the right order to help you if you would like to.


Find out which animal you are!


Ask your grown up to help you put your date of birth into the website below and see which animal you are.


Which animal are you?


Have a go at drawing your animal.

Each animal is said to have lots of different characteristics (like the things that you said made you special last week).

With your grown up, read what things your animal is said to have.

Do you agree with them?


I was born in the year of the horse.


You could see what animal your grown up is too.



Watch the videos to see how Chinese New Year is celebrated:


Celebrating Chinese New Year 1


Celebrating Chinese New Year 2


It is tradition to give red envelopes with money inside as gifts on Chinese New Year.

Also, they make lanterns to remind them of the brightness of Spring.


Choose one of the activities below:


Have a go at making your own money envelope:


Click  here for a video where I show you how to make your own money envelope.

See if you can follow the instructions in the video to make your own envelope.

(The templates are in the files section)


Have a go at making your own Chinese Lantern:

Click here for a video where I show you how to make your own Chinese lantern.

There are written instructions and a template in the files section.

You could use coloured paper if you have any.


Have a lovely day and see you later for your bedtime story.



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