Friday 15th January

It is almost the weekend and you've worked really hard.

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Remember our Teams meeting today, at 10.30am, for our weekly spelling check.  Bring a pencil, a coloured pencil (to mark with) and some paper.

English lesson 9

Oak Academy with Miss Barron

In our next Oak Academy lesson, we are thinking about the Hat Maker’s son’s feelings.  Today, we recap the problem and have a go at Hot Seating a character.  We also look at speech and thought bubbles.  You will need some paper and a pencil.

To explore a character’s thoughts and feelings

Remember to upload your response to Seesaw.

Warm up...


One More One Less 1 - 100


White Rose

Video – ‘Count one more one less

The folllow up activity is attached below (if you prefer to print it).  

Please upload a photo of the work on Seesaw or complete directly on Seesaw.

Try this online art class linked to music from the Primary Art Class.  It's easy to join in from home and you can see what marks you create when you listen to different music.

Home Art 1: Mark Making to Music

Singing can make you feel happy.  Try these songs below:

Learn the song Down at the station songs-down-at-the-station/zfkvscw

Counting in Fives

Hello song




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