Friday 15th January

Good morning everyone


It's Friday!


Join Mrs Bailey live at 9.15 am on Teams. It will be lovely to see you there :)


Today we are doing ...




Today we have a phonics game to play.


We are going to be playing forest phonics on the ICT games website. You will find what to do on Seesaw in the activities section.


Forest Phonics Game


Dough Disco  

It was great to see so many of your (and your grown up's!) fantastic moves last week on Seesaw! I am looking forward to seeing more this week. Today, I would like you to choose a favourite song to dough disco to! I can’t wait to see all of your choices on Seesaw. If you are struggling for song ideas, you could always re-visit old favourites like, ‘Proud Mary’ and ‘Gloria’. 


Maths - 'Alive-in-Five!'. Lesson 5 (week 2) - How many are hiding? 


Just to remind you when you visit the White Rose website you will find the videos for a whole week.  Today is lesson 5. 


After watching the lesson, have a go at the activity which is at the bottom of the page. 


 'Alive-in-5!' Lesson 5, week 2 


The key question to ask here is, "How do you know?" Try and explain how you know that your friend has ... cubes.
For example, if I have 2 cubes and there are 5 cubes altogether then I know that Mrs Rogers will have 3 cubes in her bucket because 2 + 3 = 5.

In the video, Miss Cooper uses five frames to show how many objects each person has. Mrs Rogers put some five frames in your home learning pack if you would like to have a go at using them. (Alternatively, they can be easily drawn out on paper). 




Today, I have put a penguin subitising game in the files section at the bottom of the page. Have fun seeing if you can subitise the numbers on the fish correctly so you can ‘feed’ them to the penguin! (If you don’t have a printer then feel free to make your own version of the game! You could always use a cuddly toy to feed your ‘fish’ too! 

If you would like an extra challenge, you could always make some more 'fish' for the penguin to eat with numbers up to 10. 



In keeping with the penguin theme, I would like you to access Purple Mash and complete the Paint Project (link below) which asks you to create your own penguin.  

Your log in details will be on your log in card: 


Penguin Paint Project - Purple Mash


You will have to really take your time to draw the outline of the penguin and shade it in using the different colours. Try your best to use appropriate colours so that your penguin looks realistic. There are also some different textures that you can use to make your penguin look fluffy or feathery. Perhaps you could talk to your grown up about the different textures and what you imagine a penguin to feel like.  

Try and add those key features that we labelled last week to your picture - (Eyes, beak, flippers/wings, webbed feet) 



Have a look at the PowerPoint in the files section all about cold and warm colours. 

Using any art materials you like on paper or 2Paint on Purple Mash, please use cold colours to create a ‘winter scene’. It would be lovely if your scene was based upon Antarctica so there might be lots of snow and icebergs. There might even be penguins in your scene! I wonder if there are any other animals in Antarctica that you could include? 

You might like to re-visit Antarctica on Google Earth to get some ideas for your scene.  

I can’t wait to see your winter pictures! 


2 Paint - Purple Mash



Please listen to the story, ‘Penguins can’t fly’


'Penguins can't fly' story


Questions about the story to think about: 

  • How are the two little penguins different? 
  • Why does Billy keep getting into trouble? 
  • Why can’t Quentin reach the stars? 
  • Why does Billy go away? 
  • Why are all of the penguins huddled together? 
  • How did Billy help Quentin at the end? 


Question time! 

In the story, the seagulls say that Quentin the penguin is not a proper bird because he can’t fly.

Do you agree with the seagulls? Have a discussion with your grown ups and talk about whether you think that Quentin is a real bird or not and why. 

Try using the word 'because' in your answer to help you explain what you think.

For example, I think that Quentin is a real bird because...

Questions to think about: 

  • What makes a bird a bird - What do birds have that make them a bird?
  • Do penguins have and do those things? 
  • Why can’t they fly? 
  • What do they do instead?

This short video might help you: 

Why penguins can't fly





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