Friday 18th December 2020

                    Good Morning, Year 5

Welcome to our last day of the term!  What a week it has been but you have all been superstars.  Thanks for your continued hard work and resilience. I hope after today, you have a well-rested holiday and enjoy Christmas with your families.  Take care and be safe.  Miss Mc xx


EMA - Please visit My Mini Maths and scroll to Week 5 (Identifying the value of digits in numbers up to 1000,000).  Choose FRI.  If you would like to see a tutorial, click on Vid 3.


Christmas Quiz

At 9:30, join Miss Halliwell and me for a Christmas Quiz. You'll need a pen and some paper.  Please mute youselves when you log on. 


Mental Maths

Spend around 10 - 15 minutes on Hit the Button.  Go to 'Times Tables' and 'Division Facts' and test yourselves on your knowledge of the 8x table.


Today, I have set a Christmas Maths Challenge created by Mr Barnes.  Read through 'Maths Reindeer Challenge' then use the two maths clues sheets to help you to solve which harness belongs to each reindeer.  To help, follow the links below which will help to remind you of what a prime number, a multiple, a factor and a square number is.  

Square numbers:


Factors :

Prime Numbers:



Could you get someone you live with to test you on your spellings this week?  How did you get on? 



Choose from one of the following to create a piece of Christmas artwork. 

Snowy scene using oil pastels:

Cartoon snowman:

Snow scene using crayon:


Or, as a challenge, create your own designs using some of the techniques shown in the videos.  

As always, if you are able to, I would love to see your creations on Seesaw. 








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