Friday 22 January

Hooray! We made it to the end of week 3. Thank you for sending me so many photographs of your learning this week. If you forgot to send something, don't worry, just send it via Seesaw.

These sites are always available to use. Since 23 March 2020, you have read 1504 books on Epic.

Fantastic, well done Year 2.

Friday 22 January

Good morning. Click on the sunshine for our morning message.


Join me for a live maths lesson at 9.10. Bring some 3D shapes, paper and pencil. Don’t worry, you can use the PowerPoint 'Friday 3D Shapes', below if you can’t make the meeting. 


Today, we start to write our snake information text. We know lots of facts about snakes and we are good at writing in the present tense. So let's get going. Click on the pencil to watch me write my first paragraph. The PowerPoint 'Habitat and Appearance' will also help.

 There is lined paper to use in the files below. Please send me a photograph of your two paragraphs via the English link on Seesaw, thank you. 


This is the 'ay' sound. We know 'ay' and 'ai' but 'a-e' aslo says 'ay'. the 'a' and 'e' are special friends. It is a split digraph, just like 'i-e' says 'igh'. Choose 10 words to practise. Choose a set or mix and match, so you are ready for a spelling test on Friday. 

The blue words have different beginnings like 'sh', 'fl', 'gr'.

cake     make

made     take

paper     wave

save     came

gate      name

flame     shame

frame     shade

shake     grape

plate     shave

shape      plane


In our Rules and Routines learning we are finding out about The Ten Commandments. Use the 'The Ten Commandments' PowerPoint to guide your conversations.

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