Friday 22nd January

Well it is almost the weekend and I wonder if we will have some more snow.


Apologises that the video didn't play properly yesterday.  I think it was too long!

Glad that we mananged to watch it at the end of our maths introduction.

Remember to join for phonics at your usual time!

English lesson 4 'Lost and Found'

In our lesson today, we think about the characters thoughts and feelings.  We think about what they might say.

We looked at speech and thought bubbles with Miss Barron. 


I wonder what the boy said when he found the penguin sitting on his step.

I wonder what the penguin was thinking.


You will need to record your ideas in the attached activity sheet or complete directly on Seesaw.

Remember to upload your response on Seesaw.  

Now, let's complete our weekly spelling check.  You can watch the video below or you can ask your adult to read the words out.  Remember you can share your score on Seesaw if you like.

Warm up...

One More or One Less


White Rose

Video – ‘Add by counting on’


The folllow up activity is a game.

You will need a dice or squares of paper with numbers 1 to 6

You will also need some paper and a pen to make some flash card numbers.

You can upload a photo of you playing your game on Seesaw.

Learn about the art of Rodrigo ( who makes art using materials that would otherwise be thrown away. Then use relief sculpture techniques and your own recyclable materials to create your art!

Home Art 4: Relief Sculptures from Recyclable Materials

Here are some song based on the weather and the seasons, from the BBC.

I wonder which is your favourite?


I can sing a rainbow

The north wind doth blow

I hear thunder

It's raining, it's pouring

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