Friday 29 January

Well done Year 2, you have finished another week of learning at home. It is so lovely to see you all in our Teams meetings with your smiles. 

How many books has our class read since 23 March 2020?

Mmmmmm. I will tell you on Monday?

Friday 29 January

Check your Teams calendar. I will see you at 9.10. 



Join me for a live maths lesson at 9.10. We are changing the key to our pictograms, today. The PowerPoint for our live lesson is in the files below, ‘Friday Maths Pictograms’. If you would like to think again about changing keys watch this video:



Today, we are writing about the characters of Nyasha and Manyara. We are going to use a list sentence and alliteration. Use the PowerPoint Manyara and Nyasha to guide your writing. I am excited to read your alliteration. Please send me your paragraphs via the English link on Seesaw, thank you. Click on the Nyasha and Nyoka picture to watch me write my paragraph. 

Have you been practising split digraph a-e words? Great. Ask a grown up to test you on the 10 words you chose.

Our new spellings all have a silent letter at the beginning. Choose 10 words to learn making sure you have a few from each group. 

knock    know

knew    knee

knit    knife

knight     knot


gnat    gnaw

gnash    gnome   



Learn about the rules and routines around the Shabbat meal which is celebrated every Friday in Jewish homes. Use the PowerPoint ‘Shabbat’ to guide your conversations with a grown up and then complete an activity sheet ‘Shabbat Activity Sheet’ from the files below.

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