Friday 29th January

It's Friday!

Please join me for our live Teams meeting at 9:15am. I look forward to seeing you :) 



Foxes  - Yes/No Yeti Game

You have a reading game to play. There might be a couple of sounds that pop up that we haven't done yet. (They are RWI set 3 sounds).

You will be able to have a go at reading words with 5 sounds in like robin and lemon that we have been working on.

Yes/No Yeti Game


Hedgehogs - Phonics Frog Game


Read the words and help the frog cross the roads and rivers to make it home. You will be reading a mixture of real and alien words. Only landing on the real words will take you safely across. 

Choose set 6 or 7 sounds or the consonant digraphs. If you want to try the set 2 sounds we have done you can try 'igh' and 'ee' only. The 'ow' sound in this game is 'ow'  as in brown cow. This is a RWI set 3 sound.


Phonics Frog game


Rabbits and Owls - Match the Cards Game

Read the word and click on the correct picture. Make sure you have all phases ticked. Look for the special friends. There will be a few trickier words that have 'ck' in them. 

Match cards game


Maths – Growing 6,7 and 8

First, let's get working out with our song of the week. It is the final day so make it your best yet!


Jack Hartman - Count to 20 and workout


Today, you are going to be finding one more and one less using objects from Kipper’s Toybox.


Growing 6,7,8 Lesson 5


Try the activity below after the lesson and use toys from your toybox to find one more and one less!


To practise finding one more and one less further, have a go at one or both of the games below:


Bee One More and One Less


(Please choose numbers 1-10)

You could cover up a bee for one less and ‘add another bee’ for one more to help you.

You could also use objects and pretend that they are the bees in the hive.


Try playing the ‘Roll the dice game’.


Click here for a video where I explain how the game works.

Below is a link to an interactive dice in case you don’t have one!


Interactive dice


Dough Disco

Linking to our Music lesson yesterday and our task today (See below), I felt that it would only be right to have Proud Mary for our dough disco today!

Make sure you work those fingers hard! Lots of squeezing, rolling, tapping and pinching!

Proud Mary




Now that you have had a practice creating rhythms with different tempos, you are going to try and spot tempo changes in songs.



Listen to the following song.

You might recognise it from today’s Dough Disco! It is an old favourite, ‘Proud Mary!’

Proud Mary



While you are listening to the song, try and spot when the tempo changes!

 (When the speed of the song changes from slow to fast or from fast to slow)

See if you can tell your grown up whenever it changes and explain how it has changed!



Why not have a go at spotting the tempo changes in these songs:

(Please note, the final song ‘Jupiter’ from ‘The Planets’ is really long so please don’t feel like you have to listen to the whole thing!)


Jack Johnson


Blinding Lights


The Planets - Jupiter


Let me know how you get on!


KUW – Emperor’s Egg - Life cycle

Click here to watch a video where I explain your task.

You are going to create a penguin life cycle.


Task 1:

Enjoy watching the video below. It will help you complete your life cycle. You might need a grown up to read the captions:

Penguin video 

If you enjoyed the video above and would like to watch and learn more then please enjoy watching the other videos below:

Penguin video 2

Penguin video 3

Penguin video 4     

Penguin video 5






Task 2:

Can you put the pictures (in the files section) in the right order to make the life cycle of a penguin?

Think about which comes first. Then maybe think about which picture comes last. You will then have two pictures left to sort.

If you want to, you could draw your own pictures to make your life cycle instead! There is a template for you to draw your pictures onto in the file section - the cycle template is on page 3.

Keep your life cycle safe for next week as we are going to work on them again!


Have a great day!



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