Friday 5th February

It’s Friday!

Please join me at 9:15am for a live Teams meeting. I look forward to seeing you 😊

Chester Zoo Virtual Zoo Live - Visit the penguins at 10am!

Because we cannot visit the zoo at the moment, Chester Zoo is doing another virtual zoo today! It will be shown on their Youtube channel during the day.

Linking in with our learning about penguins, I thought it would be lovely if we could visit the Humboldt penguins virtually.

They are due to visit the penguins live at 10am.

The link is below: 

Chester Zoo Virtual Zoo Live

**I think that you can catch up with videos during the day so you may be able to view the penguins at a later time. I hope you enjoy 'visiting' the penguins :)


Dough Disco

As you know, this week is Children’s Mental Health Week and the theme is ‘Express yourself!’

Why not trying to express yourself through your dough disco today?

Choose a song that you love to dance and ‘express yourself’ to and get those fingers working the dough!

Ball it!

Smack it!

Dive like a penguin diving for fish!




Maths – ‘Growing 6,7 and 8!’ (Week 2)


We continue exploring 6, 7 and 8 again this week.


But let's get counting first. 


Our focus this week is counting backwards from 20 to 1. Most children will find 20-10 tricky and then will get more confident once we reach 10 or even 5.


Encourage them to join in where they can. 


Counting down from 20


Today you are going to be combining two groups.


'Growing 6, 7 and 8' - lesson 5


Please try the follow up activity below after the lesson and have a go at playing the number track game.


Questions to think about while playing:

  1. Where do you predict that your counter will land?
  2. Who do you think is going to win? Why?
  3. How many do you need to roll to win?


If you would like to ‘grow 6,7 and 8’ further and practise your subitising then why not try a game of ‘Subitising 6,7 and 8 bingo’!

The cards and guidance for your grown up are available in the files section on the school website.


Wellbeing – Shining Star


Please click here for a video where I explain your task.

The theme of Children’s mental health week is, “Express yourself”. This is all about your sharing your feelings, thoughts and ideas – showing who you are.


You’re a shining star!

Today, I want you to think all about what makes you special, what makes you a shining star!

Shine like the star you are and sing along to the Shine song with Mr Tumble and friends:

Shining star song


Now, download the shining star sheet from the bottom of the page.

Draw a picture of you inside the star and then fill in the star’s points by writing or drawing what makes you special.

I can’t wait to read them 😊


Wellbeing – Feel good Friday!


As we come to the end of Children’s Mental Health week, I would like you to choose your favourite thing to do (ideally away from a screen!) to enjoy on this feel good Friday. You might choose to spend time:


😊 Dancing to your favourite music

😊 Drawing/colouring/painting

😊 Baking

😊 Playing with your favourite toy/s

😊 Playing outside

😊 Going for a walk

😊 Reading your favourite story


Let me know what you choose to do on Seesaw.


Hope you have a lovely day!


See you later for our bedtime story 😊

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