Monday 1 February

Is it really February?

Year 2 you are amazing. You have read 1536 since 23 March 2020.

This week is Children's Mental Health Week and the theme is Express Yourself.

Look out for a creative task in RHE this afternoon. 

Here is the Monday assembly from Mrs Jones.

Monday 1 February

Morning everyone, click on the Beautiful Oops to hear todays morning message.


Year 2, you are becoming very good at drawing and using pictograms so let's cahnge the key again. Watch this video to find out more.

There are questions which use different keys. Answer the questions on Seesaw or use the PowerPoint in the files below,  'Monday Maths Pictogram Keys'. Please send me your questions via the maths link of Seesaw, thank you.


Today, we are writing about the messenger coming to the village with news. We are going to practise writing questions with a question mark and then use questions in our paragraph. Use the PowerPoint 'A Messenger Arrives' to guide your writing. Please send me your paragraph via the English link on Seesaw, thank you.

Click on the picture to watch me write my paragraph.



Miss Emms takes you through trying to squash, bend, twist and stretch solid objects. At the end she asks you to find an object in your house that you cannot squash, bend, twist or stretch. I wonder what you will find? Can you change the shape of a solid object in a different way. I am thinking about chocolate. I cannot squash, bend, twist or stretch it, but I can melt it. Heating the chocolate turns it into a liquid. If I mix the liquid chocolate with cornflakes and put the mixutre into the fridge, it turns back into a solid! Edible science. Deeeelicous!


There are lots of ways in which we can express ourselves. So, I would like you to find an 'oops' and turn it into something beautiful. Sounds strange? Watch this video for lots of 'Beautiful Oops' ideas. Also, read through the PowerPoint called 'Marvellous Me'. It will make you think about yourself and how amazing you are. There is an activity called 'We Are All Stars' too.

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