Monday 11th January 2021

Good morning, Year 5.

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and have had a chance to relax.  We're now into our second week of online learning.  You were all fabulous last week and I am looking forward to seeing you all for our Teams meetings.


Please follow the link to My Mini Maths and scroll to Week 15.  (The inverse operation). Click on the third row (Mon) at the side of the title which says home learning pack. Above is a grey tab to click for the answers.  You can also watch the YouTube video tutorial to support you - Vid1 and Vid2.

Maths  (Today, I have split you into two groups so check your Teams calendar to see when your maths slot is)

Mental Maths: This week, I would like you to focus on your 12x tables.  Can you write them down and think of other number sentences that are related.  

E.g. 12 x 7 = 84;  7 x 12 = 84; 84 ÷ 12 = 7;  84 ÷ 7 = 12; 84 = 7 x 12; 84 = 12 x 7; 7 = 84 ÷ 12

To practise, follow the link to Hit the Button.


LO: Multiply a 2 and 3 digit number by a 1 digit number

If you can't join me on Teams, watch the two short YouTube clips which show you how to multiply using the short method. You can then watch the video link below which will help you to understand why we use the short multiplication method.  After, complete the maths worksheets. (Answers provided.)


You may want to download the multiplication square to help you with your times tables. 


English (You can join me on Teams at 10:30) for this session and for the next chapter of Kensuke's Kingdom)

Spellings: Using the suffix -ship

Please read through the PowerPoint attached and complete the spelling activity.  

Writing: Lune et L'Autre

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be buliding up to creating a descriptive piece of writing based on the short animation - Lune et L'Autre.  Please watch using the link below.

After, watch the clip again only this time, think carefully about how you can break the animation up into paragraphs for your writing.  

* Use my planning sheet to help (first 3 paragraphs)

** Use my planning sheet to help (all paragraphs)

*** Use the blank planning sheet to think of your own structure for your writing. 

Jot ideas down for each paragraph.  Think about what the girl can hear, see, feel physically, feel emotionally.  




Mrs Bailey

Guided Reading - Alwin's Sacrifice

(Please work through this over Monday and Tuesday afternoons.  If we were in school, we would have two  sessions, one on each afternoon).

Please read the text and work through the questions.

Section A is the easiest and each section gets progressively more challenging. Work through the sections that you think suit you.

Remember to check vocabulary that you don’t understand after reading and before you answer the questions. You could use a dictionary or ask a grown up to help you.

Post your answers onto Seesaw.



In PE last Monday, we started tag rugby.

Below is a link to a short tag rugby session:

Tag Rugby PE Lesson video

For this video, it says that you need a rugby ball, a tag and some cones.

If you do not have these things then don’t worry! Get creative!

 ***(Please ask a grown up before you use anything from around the house!)

Instead of cones, you could use:

  • Plastic cups
  • Jumpers, towels etc

Instead of a tag, you could use:

  • A sock
  • A scarf
  • A t shirt

You could use any type of ball, it does not need to be a rugby ball. Alternatively, the activities can be done without a ball.

It asks you to work with a partner so maybe you could see if a sibling or one of your grown ups would mind joining you.

You can try some of the drills included in the video on your own.


You could also have a go at this ‘PE with Joe’ session from back in March 2020. Enjoy!

PE with Joe


Please join me at 1:45pm for a live Teams session where I will introduce you to our new learning which will help answer the question:

Did World War 1 cause World War 2?

Today, we are going to compare the events in the lead up to World War 2 and decide which was the most important, enabling us to answer the question above.

Historians rely on evidence and we are going to be using evidence to support our answer.

At the bottom of the page, there is a PowerPoint presentation which I will be going through on Teams. If you can't make the Teams meeting, then please refer to the PowerPoint presentation which will help introduce our new learning and the tasks. Also, the video below provides important information about The Treaty of Versailles that you will need for the tasks.

Information Video - The Treaty of Versailles


Task 1 :

Choose what you think was the most important event in the lead up to World War 2, giving reasons for your choice.

I think … was the most important event in the lead up to World War 2 because…


Task 2 :

Using the information you gathered last lesson about the events in the lead up to World War 2 and our new learning about the Treaty of Versailles, answer the question:

Did World War 1 cause World War 2?

It is vital that you give evidence to support your answer.

I think World War 1 did/did not cause World War 2 because…


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