Monday 11th January

Good Morning, 


It's Monday today!


If you can join us at 9.15 for our live Teams meeting we will be very happy to see you.


Today we are going to be doing ...


Phonics – Read Write Inc


Please choose the right lesson for your child. Groups were sent out over Seesaw.


Group 1: Set 1 sounds - t (Choose the set 1 lesson for t. It goes live at 9.30 am, until then you will only see the lesson for d which was Fridays and will disappear at 9.30 am)


Group 2 and Group 3: Word Time reading and spelling lessons (Choose the Word time reading lesson with Gareth and  Set 1 spelling with Sara). 


Group 4: Set 2 sounds- igh (this should take you directly to the lesson). Please see the igh sheet below for words to read and write at home.


Dough Disco


Join us today live at 11 am for dough disco (invite through Teams)


Today's 80's classic is ...


Tiffany - I Think We're Alone Now


Don't forget to really work those fingers!


Maths - 'Alive-in-5!'. Lesson 1 (week 2)


Just to remind you when you visit the White Rose website you will find the videos for a whole week based around 'Alive-in -5!'. Today is lesson 1, week 2.

After watching the lesson have a go at the game. 


'Alive-in-5!' week 2


Another subitising song from Jack Hartman


Subitise super fast song


Have you every had a penguin home for tea? - a fun song!


Join in with the actions, it's lots of fun!


Have You Ever Had A Penguin Home for Tea


You've done this with Mrs Griffin but it was a while ago.


The Snowflake Mistake


Have you ever wondered how snowflakes are made?


Listen to Suranne Jones read 'The Snowflake Mistake' 


The Snowflake Mistake


Talk about the story with your grown-up.


Have you ever made a mistake?


How did you feel?


What do you think Ellie thought the Snow Queen might say about the snowflakes she had made?


Being different made them all special. What makes you special?


Can you build a castle for Ellie and her Mum to live in? You could use Lego or Duplo or cardboard. You could draw your design on paper first and then have a go at making it.

When you have finished take a photograph or make a video telling us about it.




Could you design a new snowflake making machine to replace the one Ellie broke in the story? Perhaps you could draw one?


Look at the PowerPoint below to find out how snowflakes are made.


Click on the speaker symbol on the first page to hear me explain how they are made. On the second page there is a time lapse video of snowflakes forming. You might have to agree to external content to make it work.


Can you make some snowflakes from paper?


Have a lovely day,


Mrs Rogers

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