Monday 18th January

Good morning, Year 4! Thank you for your wonderful enthusiasm and hard work so far! Below is today's online learning! Don't forget to upload ALL your work to Seesaw!

9:15am – 10:15am

10:40am – 11:30am

11:45am – 12pm

1:00pm – 2:00pm

2:00pm –  3:00pm

Maths (Microsoft Teams Meeting)

English (Microsoft Teams Meeting)

Guided reading (Blackman Teams meeting)



Don't forget about the weekly guided reading and weekly spelling tasks under

Online Learning - Year 4 - Week Commencing 18th January 2021


Maths (You can join the live lesson on Microsoft Teams)

Today, we are going to start looking at the method for division! It is sometimes called “short division” and sometimes called “bus stop method”.


Have a look at this video if you get stuck- it will remind you of the process!

We will go through lots of examples on Teams and I will stay on for the duration of the lesson if you want any help!

Make sure you only do one of the star challenges and once you have done 3 questions, check the answers and do any “fix its” before you do the next 3.

Times tables are so important for solving division calculations so please spend at least 10 minutes on TTRockstars each day this week!

Please upload your work to Seesaw under “Maths task”.


English (You can join the live lesson on Microsoft Teams)


Today, we are going to be looking at direct and indirect (reported) speech. We will be using reported speech for our eye witness reports so this is an important skill to learn!

There is also an extension activity if you manage to finish the work quickly.


Please then upload any work you complete to “English Task” on Seesaw.



PSHCE (Teams available at 2pm if you are stuck or need help)

For this session, you are going to be looking at roles and responsibilities in the home. There is more information on the PowerPoint below.

Task 1 (just on paper/seesaw)

Can you create a list of the responsibilities (tasks/chores) different people have in your house?

Task 2

Can you complete the job description that can be found at the bottom of this page?


Upload everything you do to “PSHCE task” on Seesaw.


Computing (Teams available at 2pm if you are stuck or need help)

This week you will be using some of your learning from science last week so you may want to find the food chains you created!


Follow along the PowerPoint below to see what the task involves!

I don’t expect you to spend longer than 45 minutes on this task.


Upload anything you manage to do to “Computing task” on Seesaw.

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