Monday 18th January

Good Morning, 


It's Monday today!


If you can join us at 9.15 for our live Teams meeting we will be very happy to see you.


Today we are going to be doing ...


Phonics – Read Write Inc


Foxes - 'ar' sound (see below for follow-up sheet and lesson video)

Hedgehogs - 'ee' sound (see below for follow-up sheet and lesson video)

Rabbits - Reading and spelling (link to RWI website for lesson for reading and spelling Set 1 Word Time Reading and Spelling

Owls - Reading and spelling (link to RWI website for reading and spelling lessons Set 1 Word Time Reading and Spelling


Dough Disco


Join us today live at 11 am for dough disco (invite through Teams)


Today's song choice is ... 


I'm Walking on Sunshine


Don't forget to really work those fingers and let's make our own sunshine!


Maths - 'Alive-in-5!' Week 3, lesson 1


Counting songs - up to 20 and down from 20


This is one we like to sing at school


Count up to 20


Now try this one counting backwards instead...


Count down from 20


This weeks lessons are all about capacity and measuring. 


Lesson 1 - heavier and lighter than


Today you are going to be comparing the weight of objects using direct comparison deciding which is heavier and which is lighter.


'Alive-in-5!' Week 3


Try the activity below after the lesson.


Aleena's Egg



Last week Aleena found an egg on our school field. 


How do you think it got there?


What might be inside?


How could we find out?


How could we take care of the egg until it is ready to hatch?


Can you make a 'nest' to keep Aleena's egg safe and warm?


You could scrunch up some newspaper or roll up a towel for the egg or use a real egg!


Can you draw or paint what might be inside the egg?


Write a sentence on your picture saying what you think it is.


Start your sentence with "It is a ... " .


Watch the video below of me when your child is ready to write their sentence. We want your child to try and write as independently as they can. The top video is for you to watch and the bottom one for your child. 


Have a lovely day,


Mrs Rogers





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