Monday 22 February

Welcome back everyone!

What did you do in the holidays? Did you play outside? Go walking? I hope you enjoyed your break from school and that you are raring to get going again. You have been amazing, so let's keep it going for a while longer.

Monday 22 February

Good morning Year 2. I hope you are well. Click on the fraction to hear our morning message.

Mrs Jones has recorded an assembly for you here.

There are always new stories to listen to here.


For the next couple of weeks we are going to be learning about fractions. We will be looking at parts of a whole and learning about halves and quarters. The questions are in the files below or answer on Seesaw 'Monday Maths Making Equal Parts'. Please send me your maths via Seesaw, thank you.


Do you write a diary? Have you read a book which has diary extracts in it? It can be a good way to remember what you have been doing and they are fun to look back on. Some people write in their diaries everyday and some people only write when there is something different, unusual or exciting to write about. Today, we will look at the features of diary writing. Use 'Features of Diary Writing' to guide your learning today, in the files below. Watch me talk about diary writing here:


Read to an adult for 20 minutes. Try the '60 Second Read Challenge' in the files below.

There is a reading comprehension to complete for Friday. Send it to me via Seesaw please. It will help you with your 60 second reading challenge!

Practise those common exception words. They are in the files below.


Last time in science, we thought about loud and quiet sounds and you tried a sound quiz. Most people got the first one right which was walking in the snow, but it did sound very much like pulling up a zip. Today, we are learaning about how sound is made and how it travels to our ears. We will also try an experiment to see if distance from a source of sound affects volume. Follow 'Sound Distance Volume' to find out more.


This is the second of three lessons exploring our communities. It focuses on ways to stay safe in our communities and when we might need toask for help from trusted adults. The slides may prompt important conversations about who trusted adults might be in different situations. Use 'Asking For Help' in the files below to help guide your conversations.

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