Monday 22nd February

Welcome back!  I hope you had a brilliant half-term break, despite the cold, windy weather.

Hopefully, it won't be long before we're back at school so let's keep up the great work.

English lesson 1

Today, I want you to watch the English video (at the bottom of the page).

You will need your brain, a pencil and some paper.  

After the video introduction you will be able to complete the alphabetical activity.


We are going to put things into alphabetical order so you might find this short video useful before you start the task.

BBC Bitesize- What is alphabetical order?

Watch this video to learn how to put words into alphabetical order.


Remember to upload your response to Seesaw.  

This week, we have a new set of spellings to look at.  Today, we start with Week 1.  

Watch the video below to see the words introduced. 

Use the spelling resources (under the spelling tab) throughout the week.

This week, we start a new unit with Number and Place Value (numbers within 50).  

Watch the White Rose Video below.

Warm up …

Learn numbers to 50 song

White Rose Video – ‘Counting to 50 by making tens.’


Today, the folllow up activity is practical and is shown at the end of the video.  The challenge is to make 5 sets of ten with objects you might have at home.  You could use pencils, pasta, blocks or other small things you have at home.

Please upload a response. 

Extension Activity 

If you want more maths practice naming number forwards and then backwards to 50.  

You could ask an adult to challenge to start and stop at a different number within 0 and 50.

Can you write the numbers 0 to 50?  

Are they the correct way around? 


Today, we visit Miss Harris for our next lesson about 'Weather and the Seasons'.

Watch the video and complete the activities at the pause points.

How does the weather change across the season?

There is also a 'Weather Log Experiment' to complete everyday for one week.

You can upload a response to Seesaw when the 'Weather Log Experiment' is complete.


Here is a link to watch our Monday Assembly (22nd February).

You could watch it after lunch or when you get a few spare minutes.  

Enjoy a story with Mrs Jones at KS1 Story Corner.


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