Monday 8 February

Good morning everyone!

This is the last week of this half term. I am so proud of you all for keeping your learning going. I know it's different to being in school, but you are nearly there.

This week, there is a more individual art task which I will be able to turn into another art gallery for you and of course on Friday it is Chinese New Year. Do you know which animal it is this time? Wait till Friday!

Remember to use these learning sites this week and next.

Mrs Jones has recorded a Monday Assembly for you. See it here:

Monday 8 February

Click on the bus stop to hear our morning message.


In maths this week, we are going to recap the four rules of number starting with multiplication today. Remember to show your working out, maybe bus stop maths. There are some tricky questions at the end, choose carefully. Use the Monday Maths file below. Please send me your work via the maths link on Seesaw, thank you.


Today, we are rmembering how to use question marks and exclamation marks. All sentences need punctuation. Different types of sentences need different types of punctuation. Use Puss in Boots Punctuation to guide your writing today. Please send me your questions and your exclamations via the English link on Seesaw, thank you.

Click on the questions marks to watch me writing questions and exclamations. 


For the next couple of weeks we are going to learn about sound. What is it? How is it made? How does it get to your ears? How good are your ears? Can you identify sounds without pictures to help? Today, use 'Identifying Sounds' in the files below to guide your learning. You may want to ask a grown up to take the sound quiz!


We are also starting a new unit of work in our Relationships and Health learning. Can you name the communities you belong to? You might think about your family, your school, your swimming class, but there are lots of other communities to think about too. Read about communities in the PowerPoint below called 'Community' and try the task.



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