PE - 13.01.21

Task 1: Juggling

  • Thank you for those of you who sent videos of your juggling skills last week. Keep up the hard work and aim to be able to juggle with three balls by the end of lockdown.
  • Continue to practise your juggling skills by clicking on the following link: How to Juggle.
  • Remember, if you don't have juggling balls at home, you can use rolled up socks.

Task 2: Cooper Run

  • As with last week, complete the eight minute Cooper Run.
  • Use the same area as you did last time and see if you can run further in the eight minutes than last week.

Task 3: Joe Wicks Exercise

  • Remember that Joe Wicks is back doing three morning activty sessions a week.
  • Click here to access Monday's video. If you did this on Monday, select another video from his selection.

Task 4: Sporting Challenges

  • Complete the following sporting challenges (all of the activities use everyday items but feel free to adapt further to match with what you have at home):
  • Note: please ask an adult before using any of the items from home.

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